5% of our Turnover for Social Reforestation Projects

We are convinced that our efforts to lower our ambinetal footprint cannot and should not be limited only to our products. We believe that being Sustainablealso meanstaking care of the communities that are most affected by Climate Change and are on the front lines of saving the Planet, thanks to their natural resources.

We strongly believe that helping local rural communities achieve economic livelihoods, is critical. Because being sustainable means helping oneself, not just decreasing the environmental impact of one's products. We support projects that are good for the Planet and Communities. Planting trees means having food for the community, avoring the products derived from them means finding new channels for marketing them and giving livelihoods to these people.

Our projects

2022: Protection of Mataven forests in Colombia.

This initiative, which is the largest REDD+* project in Colombia, protects1,150,200 hectares of tropical rainforest andpreserves itsbiodiversity.It provides education, health care, health facilities, food security and other social benefits for 16,000 people.

2021: Social Reforestation in Burkina Faso

A social reforestation project that allows you to adopt species critical to village livelihoods and to make the local community self-sufficient.

2021: Support for forests affected by Storm Vaia

Oct. 29, 2018: mountains suffer unprecedented damage from the passage of Cyclone Vaia; wind knocks down millions of trees in a few hours