5% of our turnover for social reforestation projects

We are convinced that our commitment to reducing our environmental footprint cannot and should not be limited only to our products. We are convinced that being Sustainable also means taking care of the communities that are most affected by Climate Change and who are on the front line to save the Planet, thanks to their natural resources.

We strongly believe that helping local rural communities achieve economic subsistence is essential. Because being sustainable means helping yourself , not just reducing the environmental impact of your products. We support projects that are good for the Planet and Communities. Planting trees means having food for the community, processing derived products means finding new channels for marketing them and providing sustenance to these populations.

  • 2022: Protection of Mataven forests in Colombia

    This initiative (REDD+ project) in Colombia protects 1,150,200 hectares of tropical rainforest and preserves its biodiversity ...

  • 2021: Social Reforestation in Burkina Faso

    A social reforestation project that allows the adoption of fundamental species for the subsistence of the villages and to make the local community self-sufficient .

  • 2021: Support for forests affected by Storm Vaia

    October 29, 2018: the mountain suffers unprecedented damage due to the passage of cyclone Vaia; in a few hours the wind blows down millions of trees

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Our Partnerships

As you know, one of the Sustainable Goals that we have chosen to pursue is goal 17: Partnership for the Goals . It is one of the most important goals, it is the goal that explains to us that unity is strength and never before have we needed to work as a network, to find traveling companions with the same objectives and the same values ​​and to unite to achieve results faster.


    If we can recycle a plastic bottle, can't we also recycle wool yarn waste?
    TarmaTrama creates useful and beautiful objects starting from yarn waste and fully represents our values ​​of wasting less and giving new life to resources


    If we can use a refillable bottle for detergent , can't we also make packaging reusable?

    With MOVO it's much more than a partnership, it's a true friendship, of someone who is really trying to change things

  • Guppyfriend: sacca proteggi biancheria e ambiente


    The GUPPYFRIEND® bag is a scientifically proven and patented solution against pollution from microplastic fibers during washing . Our goal is to work to change small daily gestures that have a negative impact on the planet every day, just like GUPPYFRIEND


    LastObject is a Danish company dedicated to creating sustainable and reusable alternatives to single-use items.
    Their goal, like ours, is to create sustainable and reusable solutions.

    We fight the same problem : unnecessary, everyday disposable objects have a huge negative impact on our planet.

  • eco shopper zero sprechi


    With Re-Sack I want to create a new habit, this habit is to bring your own reusable vegetable bag to the supermarket instead of useless disposable ones .” (Sjoerd van der Helm -Founder).

    Another company with our same passion for small daily gestures

  • cartucce delle stampanti riciclate con cartuccina e R5


    Do you have any empty cartridges ? Well, keep them, put some together, go to the site to check the value of each cartridge (if you exceed 20 euros shipping costs are free) and send them via Posteitaliane to Cartuccina.it. Cartridge will give you the equivalent of the value of the cartridges in money. Brilliant, right? Cartuccina rewards us if we send her our waste! What better way to convince ourselves to change our habits?

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