We take care of Us
and our Homes
Without single-use plastics.

The R5 system is an innovative concept for household and personal cleansers created with the planet and all its inhabitants in mind. The use of disposable plastic is absurd. So is the transport of water.

It's the small everyday gestures that make a difference!

Our products

Surface Cleaners

Buy bottles once. Refill for life. All you need is tap water and a refill of detergent!

With four refills you save 1.2 kg of CO2 equivalent and totally reduce waste.


No more heavy, bulky bottles. Say goodbye to plastic and take care of your home in a totally green way.

1/2 leaflet = 1 load

Personal care

Solid shampoo and shower gel with 97% natural ingredients, formulations based on vegetable oils and natural powders. 100% Made in Italy.

Zero Plastic, Zero Water, 1 solid shampoo corresponds to 2 bottles of 250ml


The lady that helps me at home is 'crazy' about the degreaser. She told me: 'really degreases and the scent is not nauseating'.
Now I do a little 'orders x gift them !!!! Really good. 😉


I really like the product....
And I am a desperate housewife....
Plus I love the degreaser!!! Yesterday it got rid of streaks of pan stain that wouldn't go away from my kitchen top


Everything arrived!!! First reaction from my wife calling me as soon as it was delivered: how cool are these? Why didn't you get me the one for the hardwood floors too?


What a bomb! You can subscribe and it comes directly when agreed. That's my stuff. I also have a subscription to toilet paper. 😂😂😂


The lady who takes care of us tried all the products said they are great!!! Just write the type of product a little bigger.😃😃

David R.

My wife who is a stern person says the products are great. We have totally abandoned the old degreaser *****. When will the new products arrive?

The vision

Philosophy is all in our logo.

1. Reflect on how we consume resources a at our disposal.

2. Fill the bottle from the tap at home to eliminate the transport of water.

3. Reuse containers to avoid plastic waste.

4. Recycle what we discard to reduce the environmental impact.

5. Relax knowing that we have done the right thing.

The other impact

We are rethinking consumption models, but we also want to contribute to a structural change in the model of doing business and for this reason we have chosen to support a social reforestation project.

The "Project for the improvement of nutritional conditions of women and children in the health districts of Garango and Tenkodogo, Burkina Faso" (Cod. n. 11874) was born in collaboration with the Italian NGO AES-CCC and is funded by the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation.

Who's R5 Living?

If you believe that small everyday gestures can really make a difference, that together we can build a fairer, safer and cleaner world, then you are one of us. Just like you, our values define us. They show who we are and guide what we do every day.