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For us, the focus is for everyone.

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We are striving to achieve
carbon neutrality.

Rechargeable Products.
Effective and low-emission.
Without Disposable Plastic.

The R5 system is an innovative concept in personal and home care detergents, created with the Planet and all its inhabitants in mind. The use of disposable plastic is absurd. So is the transportation of water.

5% of our turnover is dedicated to social and reforestation projects

We have been supporting two important projects since its inception: A special social reforestation program in Burkina Faso and an infrastructure development project for plastic workers in India (Project Anant Pranay).

Our commitment to sustainable development

No more heavy, bulky bottles. Say goodbye to plastic and take care of your home in a totally green way.

1/2 leaflet = 1 load

Your opinion is important to us

Our DNA as a company

We are already a Benefit Society. Benefit Societies (SBs) represent an evolution of the very concept of a company: they integrate into their corporate purpose, in addition to profit goals, the goal of having a positive impact on society and the biosphere. We have also already embarked on the path to becoming a B Corp.

R5 Living is now Plastic Negative Certified by rePurpose Global, we are one of the first players in our industry to achieve the Negative Plastic Footprint and the first ever in Italy.

"Digital and sustainability only possible future for the environment."

Digital is a key lever to help combat climate change and improve environmental sustainability. Digitalization is fundamental to change production and consumption patterns and to concretely measure impacts . Sustainability and digital go hand in hand, a company can no longer think of the so-called digital transformation without a specific goal of becoming a virtuous company in terms of impact and vice versa a sustainable company can not fail to exploit the levers offered by digital.

We, at R5, want to seize this opportunity to transform production and consumption models in high-impact climate sectors by fully exploiting the levers of digital.

(Cristina Mollis - R5 Living Founder)

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