Our certifications

Measuring our impact is essential for us. Giving ourselves concrete objectives means being able to measure and report them. It means staying faithful to our mission, to the reason why we were born.

We have chosen to certify first of all the way in which we operate , to help us keep the bar straight and communicate our commitment to you who support us every day.

We have also undertaken a product certification process, which we hope to conclude as soon as possible.

  • B Corp™

    We are a certified B Corp™: As a B Corp™, we are part of a global movement of companies that meet high standards of social and environmental impact.

    B Corp™ is a certification that recognizes companies that meet the highest standards of social and environmental performance, responsibility and transparency.

  • Plastic Negative Product

    We are proud to be among the first companies in the world and the first in Italy to more than offset our plastic footprint by becoming Plastic Negative with rePurpose Global, a global movement of aware consumers and businesses that are committed to not using or reducing their consumption of the plastic

  • Climate Partners

    Our goal is to create products with an increasingly smaller footprint , we would like to get to zero.
    In 2022 we began our journey to achieve Climate Certification with Climate Partner : we are collecting all the data to measure our emissions exactly, commit to reducing them as much as possible and offset those that we will inevitably not be able to reduce.