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Bamboo Dish Brush

Bamboo Dish Brush

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This brush is a real sustainable scrubber to replace classic plastic or metal sponges. Also great for heavy cleaning, it does not cause scratches.

Brush with Agave and Palmyra Plant Bristles: strong and durable, resistant to bacteria, mold and oil.

FSC beechwood handle from European forests.

Rinse with water after each use and let air dry with bristles facing down.

How and where to use it

Scrub pans, dishes and other surfaces with soap or dish soap as needed.

It doesn't scratch.

Ideal for encrusted pans, heavy stains, burn residue and grease.

Composition and warnings

Spazzola con Setole Vegetale di Agave e Palmyra.
Manico in faggio FSC proveniente da foreste Europee.

Care tips

- rinse with water after each use and air dry with the bristle facing downwards
- clean the bristles (if necessary) with vinegar to kill bacteria
- avoid immersion in water to avoid cracks in the handle
- do not put in the dishwasher
- place away from heat sources or flames

Materials and Packaging

Materials :Sisal bristle brush

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