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Guppyfriend: washing bag

Guppyfriend: washing bag

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Laundry Washing Bag for clothes and Planet

Many of our clothes are made of synthetic materials. During washing, broken plastic fibres end up in rivers and seas through waste water. Using the GUPPYFRIEND® bag on average 86% fewer fibres in synthetic clothes are broken. The fibers that break off settle in the corners of the wash bag after washing and can be easily removed and disposed of.

  • The GUPPYFRIEND wash bag ® reduces fiber breakage and protects your clothes.
  • Broken plastic fibres are retained. The bag itself does not lose any fibres.

Material: untreated polyester (PET), made in Europe, size M: 50 x 74 cm 100% plastic-free packaging

How does it work

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1. Fill
Place the synthetic items to be washed in the GUPPYFRIEND® bag.
Fill to about ⅔ of the bag, so the tissues can move easily.

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2. Close and wash
Close the GUPPYFRIEND® bag and put it directly in the washing machine. Add additional non-synthetic clothing or a second full GUPPYFRIEND® to avoid imbalances.
Wash as usual at 40°C maximum. Use environmentally friendly detergents. Remove coarse dirt and pet hair before washing.
Slide the zipper into the zipper guide at the end of the zipper. The bag does not retain dissolved substances, nanoparticles or dust particles.
You can download the guideHERE.

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3. Empty and Remove
Empty the washing machine, remove the items from the GUPPYFRIEND® while they are still wet.

Remove the collected fibers from inside the filter fabric by hand and dispose of them in unsorted waste.

Composition and warnings

Material: untreated polyester (PET)

What to avoid:

Avoid rinsing under running water - so that collected microplastic fibers are not washed out into the environment
Avoid washing items with sharp edges - to avoid damaging the material
Avoid ironing - this can also damage the material (wrinkled surface is not a problem)
Avoid using in the dryer - broken fibers can escape from the bag
Avoid hanging/drying in direct sunlight - to avoid damaging the material

Materials and Packaging

Material: untreated polyester (PET), made in Europe, size M: 50 x 74 cm 100% plastic-free packaging

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Guppyfriend: sacca proteggi biancheria ecologico

What is the GUPPYFRIEND® bag

The GUPYYFRIEND washing bag is a solutionscientifically proven and patentedagainst pollution from microplastic fibers during washing and the only one that protects clothes and the environment.

The GUPPYFRIEND® wash bag significantly reduces fiber breakage. Clothes are protected and can be worn longer.

Holds broken plastic fibers and does not shed any fibers.

It reminds us to change our washing and purchasing behavior