Sisal bag solids holder


The natural sisal fiber bag is suitable for storing solid shampoos and shower gels making them more foamy. Its slightly rough texture acts as an exfoliant, activating the skin and opening pores and reactivating blood circulation . It favors the natural regeneration of the skin, its invigorating action stimulates pleasant sensations of well-being on the body.
The Sisal bag is also useful to collect pieces of Shampoo or shower gel left, making the foam even more dense, for this reason this accessory is often nicknamed "Soap Saver".

Sisal is a fiber of plant origin obtained from the leaves of the Agave sisalana.


How to use

So easy to use! Just put the solid (shampoo or bubble bath) in the little bag, pull the drawstring and off you go...!
This zero waste alternative allows you to use every little bit of your favorite solid and even mix two solids and blend them together which is why it's also called a "soap saver".
Not only that, it's also an excellent exfoliator, gently removing dry, rough skin and improving circulation.

Even in the case of solid shampoo you can use it to create foam on your hands.
Our general advice is to always remove the solid (shampoo or shower gel) from the bag after each use and store it in our 100% Recycled Plastic container, without closing the cap and protected from water. This is to keep the solid product as long as possible, but also allow the bag to dry faster (which means avoiding the creation of bacteria).

Easy to care for and lasts for years!

How to keep it as long as possible

After each use, rinse and hang to dry.

- Machine wash and air dry. You can put it in the dryer if you'd like, but we prefer air drying because there's less risk of it shrinking and warping, given its natural characteristics.

If it should change shape during washing, you can easily get it back into shape by stretching it while it's still damp.

a special plant

Agave Sisaliana

Agave sisalana is a succulent plant native to Mexico. It can reach 20 meters in height and its varieties are beautiful. On the other hand the origin of its name confirms it: the name derives from the Greek "agaué" which means splendid, and from Sisal, a port city of Yucatan from which was originally exported the fiber obtained from its leaves.

From its leaves is obtained Sisal fiber, a rigid fiber used for rope, twine, paper, fabric and other objects. It was used both by Aztecs and Mayas to make raw fabrics and paper.

The fibers are non-toxic and safe for use on the body. The fact that they come from a plant makes them sustainable and environmentally friendly.

Once your bag is worn out (and it will take a very long time) you can compost it.
True, it's a small accessory, but this bag also helps reduce our carbon footprint.