Are you a home and design expert? Do you love Beauty? Do you have a blog or social profile that talks about green?

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What are the advantages of becoming our partner?

Earn commissions on sales. For each order completed through your site, R5®Living will pay you a commission. The more sales you can generate, the higher profit you will make. You will always have our support for growth. We will work together towards the same goal: more sales and more commissions for you.


How does our affiliate program work?

1. Register:
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2. Enter
Insert R5®Living advertising material on your site

3. Redirect
Visitors will be able to click and be automatically directed to the R5®Living site. The route will be traced and attributed to you as a partner.

4. Receive the commission
When an order is completed on our site, it will be attributed to you as a partner and you will receive a commission !