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Starter Kit Casa: The FOUR5

Starter Kit Casa: The FOUR5

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Home Starter Kit: it's back!

The FOUR5 Home Starter Kit is the perfect kit to clean all home hard surfaces with just four detergents.

The Kit contains: 4 empty refillable bottles, one for each R5 product:

  • Degreaser
  • Bath
  • Glass or Multipurpose
  • Wooden floors or floors

Pour a refill and add water from your tap into the corresponding's ready!(750ml bottles for Degreaser, Glass, Bathroom, Multipurpose, Wood, 1000ml bottle for Floors).

Available in 4 variants:

  • Degreaser, Bathroom, Multipurpose and Floors
  • Degreaser, Bathroom, Glass and Floors
  • Degreaser, Bathroom, Multipurpose and Wooden Floors
  • Degreaser, Bathroom, Glass and Wooden floors

This product is Climate Partner certified

    Composition and warnings

    Materials and Packaging

    We use packaging only where we are required to do so. Our containment packaging may look "simple," but we want to be consistent with our philosophy and use only FSC® Mix cardboard, minimum 70% recycled and 100% recyclable, we try to minimize printing. We have minimized the paper weight to reduce paper consumption.The refillable bottle is made of PET, because PET allows the characteristics of the product to be maintained, it is lightweight and durable. This bottle has an infinite shelf life and is recyclable in plastic when it is at the end of its life. C/PAP 81 paper refills, recyclable in paper.

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