R5 and Wow Nature

R5 and Wow Nature

Together because we believe in the same values. Because we are convinced that in order to change the world we have to start from ourselves. Because instead of telling about catastrophes, emergencies and focusing on the negative feeling of fear, we prefer to focus on giving positive images, telling about virtuous companies, behaviors that can inspire others and convince them to
make decisions that change themselves and the Planet.

a different approach

Wow Nature

WOW nature wants to give an image of transparency, telling also things other players don't say. For example:

- You don't save the planet only by planting trees, but also by planting

- The tree you plant may not live a hundred years, but it has contributed to the growth of others and it has contributed to the growth of the forest (we don't miss the forest for the trees), which we know how to value for its multifunctionality (trees are not photovoltaic panels).

- Many plant, but few do it with projects ofhigh scientific value

- We focus on making people responsible who will be the future managers/keepers of the new forests: for this reason we focus on educating/training because only by understanding you can become
truly responsible for the forests.


Burkina Faso

It is perhaps the project with the highest social value: it is a project of social reforestation because it involves communities.

- In this project the tree is even more of a metaphor and therefore must, in some way, stand out less, be less of a protagonist: the protagonists are the women, the true backbone of the communities.
- It is therefore a project of social redemption: it helps local rural communities to achieve economic subsistence
- Planting trees means having food for the community. Processing the derived products means finding new channels to commercialize them
- R5 deals with personal care and also in Burkina Faso the fruits of the trees are often used for personal care products: Shea Butter in primis.

The most informed people (who are the most sensitive) know that these are the areas of the world that are in the greatest need: if you had the last million euros to invest, it should be invested here.

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October 29, 2018: the mountains suffer unprecedented damage due to the passage of Cyclone Vaia; in a few hours the wind knocks down millions of trees causing immense environmental and socio-economic damage. Through the initiative WOWalps we support public and private owners during the activities of reconstruction of the forest:from the planting of new trees to the care activities during the following years.

The Enego area is an FSC-certified area®: the Responsible Forest Management certification that ensures that a forest or forest plantation is managed according to strict environmental, social and economic standards.

Here you can see our contribution.

Wow Nature, ETIFOR, R5 Living

The Wow Nature project is developed by ETIFOR, which we have chosen as our partner for reforestation and social reforestation projects. Etifor is a spin-off of the University of Padua (i.e. a private company whose members include the University) that transforms the knowledge gained within the academic world into concrete solutions to be applied directly in the field. Thanks to this link with the University they are able to respond to real problems with scientific, effective but also creative solutions.