• Divide the sheet

    Divide the sheet in two following the cut line. Remember that each sheet is made up of 2 doses of detergent.

  • Insert half into the basket

    Insert 1/2 sheet of paper into the washing machine drum.

  • Start

    Start the program chosen

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Washing machine detergents and laundry perfumer

R5 Laundry Sheets is made from thin, soluble sheets that have all the necessary cleaning ingredients in a soluble carrier. They are pre-cut and pre-measured to the right dose. Half a sheet of paper is enough for 5kg of laundry . And also Detergent in single-dose tabs, for more stubborn laundry and our perfumer that recalls mountain meadows.

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Washing Powders

Citric Acid replaces fabric softener , Sodium Percarbonate removes stains and whiten, Sodium Carbonate neutralizes odors

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Laundry Kit

Predefined kits to solve all laundry problems: soft laundry, spotless laundry and one of our favorites, the STOP PLASTIC Laundry Kit

Laundry Accessories

Practical accessories to make it easier when we do the laundry. Our wool balls are great helpers to reduce drying times and creases when using the dryer, our clothespins are made of 100% recycled plastic , from our city Bergamo.

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