R5 and Climate Partner

In 2022, our collaboration with Climate Partners was born. Collaboration that came into being with them to help us calculate CO2 emissions to reduce them, implement climate action strategies, and offset our CO2 emissions through climate protection projects .

The same ambition

Why together?

You know us, we take sustainability seriously. Our goal is to create products with a smaller and smaller footprint; we'd like to get to zero. In this we have found ourselves in full alignment with Climate Partner's goals: "A zero-carbon product in every shopping cart".

In 2022 we started our journey to get to Carbon Neutrality together with Climate Partner
, which will help us on this journey: that is, we are collecting all the data to measure exactly our emissions, commit to decreasing them as much as possible, and compensate for those that we will, of course, not be able to reduce. However, we want to do it in this perspective of supporting Social Reforestation projects.

the 2022 project

The protection of Mataven forests in Colombia

In line with this our intent for 2023, in the meantime we are happy to tell you that 5% of your 2022 orders, of our sales, we have donated to a wonderful project:

Mataven Forest Protection in Colombia

This initiative, which is the largest REDD+* project in Colombia, protects 1,150,200 hectares of tropical rainforest and preserves its biodiversity. It provides education, health care, health facilities, food security and other social benefits for 16,000 people. The project works closely with communities to improve living conditions and stimulate sustainable economic growth.

We are only at the beginning

The results in concrete terms

It is a first step. We hope in the next few months to get the exact measurement of our emissions so we can offset them, but in the meantime we have started. Thanks to each and every one of you.

So this certificate is all for us, you and us together.

Because unity is strength, because sharing the same values makes us even stronger, because we have the hope that children on their way home from the movies can associate Lyle's values with ours and remember that small everyday gestures are the
basis of big changes