Who we are

Who we are

R5 is a small Italian company born in Bergamo.
Bergamo is the city of some of us. This dream started from here. From Bergamo we want to take that extraordinary strength of never giving up, of knowing how to get up again, that austere, but at the same time concrete, pride of contributing to do something unique for us and our territory. We dedicate this undertaking to Bergamo.

R5 believes in small everyday gestures. These are the ones that, day after day, lead to big changes. We have focused on two things, to reduce waste: a drastic cut in disposable plastic, which is anachronistic as well as harmful, and the elimination of water transport, which only involves effort and an unjustified cost. Our goal? To improve every day, offering you the best products in terms of performance, and with the lowest possible impact. We're always open, so contact us anytime if you have any questions or advice on how to improve.

We are convinced that the simplification of the product and the supply chain are fundamental and for this reason we ask our partners and suppliers to pay the same attention to environmental impact issues as we do.
Our detergents are currently produced exclusively in Italy.

We come from different backgrounds, but we realized that we could put our strengths together to create a new way of doing business in a traditional and mature sector such as home and personal care detergents.