• R5 Living was born from a simple idea: we want to create the future of household and personal detergents. We believe there is a smarter way to take care of Us and Our Home.
    Our promise is to offer cleaning effectiveness equal to or superior to that of conventional detergents, but in sustainable formats and ingredients. We want to make our contribution to a different consumption model. This dream started from our city, Bergamo, from which we want to take that extraordinary strength of never giving up, of knowing how to get back up, that austere, but at the same time concrete, pride of contributing to doing something unique for us and our territor

  • We have decided to commit ourselves to creating effective products, in a format that is sustainable for us and the environment .

    And we decided to do it by involving all our customers in this journey, so we have gotten this far, working together on the product and this is how we intend to continue.

    We are convinced that simplification of the product and the supply chain are fundamental and for this reason we ask our partners and suppliers to pay the same attention to environmental impact issues as we do.

  • We believe in the power of small daily gestures. They are the ones who, day after day, bring about great changes. We have focused on reducing waste and the use of resources:

    • a drastic cut to disposable plastic, anachronistic as well as harmful
    • the elimination of water transport, which only involves effort and an unjustified cost
    • the ever-increasing use of waste raw materials from other processes or recycled

    Our aim? That of improving ourselves every day, offering you the best products in terms of performance, and with the minimum possible impact.

  • Yes we know we chose a particular logo. We worked a lot on it. With our logo we wanted to express all our philosophy and our commitment and as we know, important things can be counted on the fingers of one hand: just like our 5Rs.

    RETHINK : Reflect on the way we consume the resources at our disposal.

    REFILL : Fill the bottle from the tap at home to eliminate water transport.

    REUSE : Reuse containers to avoid plastic waste.

    RECYCLE : Recycle what we discard to reduce the environmental impact.

    RELAXATION : Relax knowing that we did the right thing.

    We are in the R-Economy , in an extraordinary and complex era in which we must R-recover a new way of doing things, R-invent ourselves, learn to R-use and R-repair... we are in our era and our logo declares it clearly is strong.

    And our R5 logo becomes our signature, the small and tangible sign of this great revolution that we want to make with you.

    For our products we were inspired by the tradition of Italian design , the most beautiful in the world. Because eco-friendly products must be as inviting and beautiful as nature itself. Because the products for us and for our homes must be as beautiful as our homes. Because we must be proud to show our choices. Simple and clean lines, with the color of the sky and the sea.

    We want to break the rules and shake up the market. Just any logo wouldn't have been enough for us. Not even any color.

  • Here in Okapi | R5 Living we have a very simple, but important mission: to continuously provide our customers with high quality goods and services while respecting the environment and the society in which we live.

    We conduct our business ethically, honestly and in full compliance with the law.

    We believe that how we behave is as critical to our success as making the best products possible. Our business conduct and compliance policies are central to how we work and live our values ​​every day.

    Read our Code of Ethics ( Italian , English )