Together because we really like reusing !.

Single-use packaging is destroying our planet...

40% of all new plastic produced each year is used for single-use packaging . That is, it lasts a few moments or a few days.

Every year 11 million tons of plastic end up in the oceans, equivalent to the weight of 500k full trucks.

But things are changing!

61% of consumers say they have changed their purchasing habits towards products with sustainable packaging

The European Union is working on a legislative proposal to ensure that 10% of packaging must be reusable by 2030.

We can do more!

If we can use a refillable bottle for detergent , can't we also make packaging reusable?

Together we can do it. And the benefits are enormous.

Simplicity rhymes with Sustainability

And we know the simple things are the most beautiful. Choosing MOVO is a breeze.

When you arrive at check out you will be offered to use MOVO packaging. If you choose it, it will be added to the cart (as if it were a product) with a contribution of €2.50. When the package is delivered to you, simply close the MOVO envelope, follow the instructions and put it in a mailbox.

For now let's start like this: the choice is yours, but with your help we would like to make it everyone's choice.