• Activate the product under water

    Pass the product in your hands under water.

  • Apply

    Apply the product to your hair or body.

  • Store

    Store in a dry place. It may be useful to use our special Solido R5 holder .

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Solid Shampoo and Shower Gel

Formulated with all the specific active ingredients for cleansing and caring for hair and skin, with ingredients of natural origin , in a format free of water and packaging. 0% plastic, 100% pleasant .

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Refillable Hand Soap

Are you one of those who run out of hand soap and fill up with water endlessly? This is the right solution: never without it again!

Beauty Kit

Complete, comfortable and practical kits, always accompanied by the right accessory . There is a kit for every need.

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Beauty for Kids

Products created with children's needs in mind, with ingredients of natural origin, practical and with a very delicate scent

Beauty accessories

Everything we need for our daily routine. Reusable options instead of the usual disposable alternatives. Accessories in natural materials or 100% recycled plastic .

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