R5 Senses Nourishing Solid Shower Bar


Emolient and Moist: With rice starch and coconut oil

R5 Senses - Nourishing Solid Shower Bar contains 97% ingredients of natural origin and is totally free of silicones, microplastics and preservatives.

Thanks to the soothing and refreshing properties of rice starch and the emollient properties of apricot butter and coconut oil, the skin will be pleasantly cleansed and moisturised.

Vegan friendly, not tested on animals, 100% plastic free, zero waste. Product 100% Made in Italy.

Weight: 70 g

Fragrance: flowery - oriental

How to use

Simple and practical to use. Save space and reduce waste.

Activate it under water

Run the product between your hands under water, creating the foam.


Apply the product to your face gently and massage in. You can also use a facial glove or sponge.


Store the product dry, away from water.

Obtained by burning wood without a flame with subsequent treatment to give it the characteristic porosity. Widely used in cosmetics for its numerous properties, including detoxifying, purifying for the skin and slightly exfoliating.

It is obtained by cold pressing of the oily seed contained within the fruit of Prunus dulcis, is widely used in cosmetics for its nourishing and soothing properties. Composed of 65% oleic acid, which gives it its emollient and elasticizing properties for the skin.


sodium cocoyl isethionate, aqua, sodium chloride, sodium lauroyl methyl isethionate, glycerin, oryza sativa starch, prunus amygdalus dulcis oil, parfum, charcoal powder, caprylyl glycol, carrageenan.