• Open and Reload

    Tear off the cap of the refill and pour the contents into the bottle.

  • Fill

    Fill the bottle
    with tap water

  • At work!

    Screw on the dispenser, shake the bottle and go!

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Home Cleaners

A complete range of effective and rechargeable products to clean Home without single-use plastic. Buy the bottle once, refill forever!

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Detergent refills

With just one Refill you can prepare a 750ml bottle. Pours the Refill, add warm water from the tap and go! A little is enough to make a change!

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Cleaning dishes

Everything for your dishes! Dishwasher tabs for washing, citric acid instead of rinse aid , sodium percarbonate to sanitize dishes

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Home Kit

Home Kit prepared for every need: choose the best for you!

Home and Kitchen Accessories

Smart, practical, sustainable accessories for a kitchen that pays attention to the environment too. Accessories made of natural or biodegradable fibres .

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