We have just the right solution to make your reception space even a little more special.

a special place for the environment as well

An even more special place

Many hosts and agritourisms already have a strong environmental orientation. Green practices, environmental sustainability, green energy sources and zero-mile food.

And why not also think about low-impact personal and home care products?

make your guests feel special

A Personalized Welcome Kit

You can surprise and engage your guests with a Special Beauty Kit.
Shampoo and shower gel solids that you can take to their homes using the handy 100% Recycled Plastic Solid Holders.

Zero Waste and New Good Habits.

Never Again Without

A Home Always Ready!

Make your customers find everything they may need for their stay.

Involve them in this Revouction, their input is important for change all together.

Let's create with you the story of your engagement

We can build with you the narrative of your commitment to the environment or create on your needs the right welcome kit to engage your guests in the Consumption Habits Revolution.
We will provide you with all the necessary communication materials.

Write to us!

Contact us at info@R5Living.com and we will be happy to build a beautiful project together.