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Come schiarire i capelli in modo naturale

How to lighten hair naturally

Lightening your hair naturally is not only possible, it's also easier, cheaper and safer than you might think. And almost certainly everything you need can already be found in our home!

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26 Marzo 2022, ore 20:30: l'Ora della Terra

March 26, 2022, 20:30: Earth Hour

Each year, at 8:30 p.m. on the last Saturday in March, supporters from more than 190 countries and territories join together, taking action and raising awareness about issues that affect our only home. Join in and turn off the lights on the Planet!
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Come far crescere i capelli in modo naturale

How to grow hair naturally

There are many reasons that can cause hair to weaken or fall out, but luckily there are natural methods that allow us to strengthen and grow hair faster.

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Forno incrostato: come pulirlo in poco tempo

Oven encrusted: how to clean it in a short time

The oven is one of the most most used appliances in the kitchenIt ensures a healthy cooking of food and helps to make delicious dishes even without being good in the kitchen! However, Italians do not seem to be so constant in its cleaning and this is why the oven often forms stains and incrustations. stains and incrustationsas well as on the glass of the oven. How to clean this household appliance effectively? And how is it possible to guarantee hygiene and healthy dishes? Let's learn how to how to deglaze the oven in the right wayeffortlessly and with the...

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#StopTheWar | #StandForUkraine

#StopTheWar | #StandForUkraine

I'm writing in the first person today.
I feel I have to do it.
I asked myself, I ask myself every day, in these days, what concretely I can do, what my family can do, what the R5 team can do to help the Ukrainian people in this difficult moment.
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