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Pulire la cucina con un occhio di riguardo all'ambiente

Clean the kitchen while reducing our impact on the environment

The kitchen is one of the rooms in the house that gets dirty most easily and quickly. Between lunches, dinners, breakfasts and snacks we not only dirty the dishes, but also the hob, the table and the floors. However, we must remember that cleaning the kitchen also has an environmental impactLet's find out how to clean the kitchen effectively and try to be more sustainable.

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Agenda 2030: Obiettivo 14 per la conservazione degli oceani

Agenda 2030: Goal 14 for ocean conservation

In 2015, Italy, together with 193 other countries, signed up to the the 2030 Agenda drawn up by the UN for sustainable development. L'objective 14 is entirely dedicated to the oceans and marine resources. Caring for the seas is fundamental to development that can ensure the livelihoods of future generations. The waters of the seas are important economically, food-wise and for the ecosystem of humans.
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Pulire i vetri di casa e rispettare l’ambiente si può!

Cleaning your windows at home: the secrets to doing it more sustainably

Is it possible to clean windows in a more sustainable way? Yes, every day in our shopping and everyday actions we can make increasingly sustainable choices. Window cleaning can be effective and more environmentally friendly. In this article we will discover all the little secrets for cleaning glass, leaving it streak-free and respecting the environment. From newspaper, to biodegradable cloths, to the right day to choose: here's how.

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