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Dish brush - long handle

Dish brush - long handle

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Dish brush made of natural beech wood and Tampico vegetable bristles. Ideal for scrubbing plates, glasses, pans and casseroles. For a kitchen without plastic, ecological and zero waste. Convenient to hang.
Replaceable head.

100% plastic-free
100% natural bristles
100% vegan
100% FSC wood

Head and handle in untreated beech wood from European forests with FSC certification.
Tampico natural and vegetable fiber brush.
Recyclable metal frame and handle.
Made in Europe

Total length: 23 cm.
Diameter of the wooden part: 4.5 cm
Maximum diameter of the bristles: 7 cm


How and where to use it

Practical and comfortable.Ideal for all dishes. Use with low impact detergent, scrubbing dishes. It doesn't scratch.Always remember to turn off the water while scrubbing the dishesto reduce consumption. Rinse carefully.

Composition and warnings

What is Tampico?

Mexican agave fiber or Tampico is obtained from the leaf veins of the agave that grows in the highlands of Mexico.It is very resistant to deformation and for this reason it is used to make brushes for washing and scrubbing. Given its natural heat resistance characteristics, it is perfect for high temperature work. It is a truly incredible natural fibre, capable of absorbing water up to 65% of its weight and releasing it during use.

Care tips

- rinse with water after each use and air dry with the bristle facing downwards
- clean the bristles (if necessary) with vinegar to kill bacteria
- avoid immersion in water to avoid cracks in the handle
- do not put in the dishwasher
- place away from heat sources or flames

Materials and Packaging

Materials:Head and handle in untreated beech wood from European forests with FSC certification.
Natural and vegetable fiber brush from Tampico.
Recyclable metal frame and handle.

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