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Eco Shopper Bag in organic cotton GOTS

Eco Shopper Bag in organic cotton GOTS

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Made of organic and GOTS-certified cotton, perfect to keep in your bag and reuse with every shopping trip. Tiny when folded, can carry up to 15kg.
STOP Disposable Bags.

100% organic cotton (GOTS)
Save hundreds of single-use plastic bags
Length without handle: about 37 cm
Length with handle: about 67 cm
Width: 30 cm
Wash at 30° C
Made with fair wages

How and where to use it

How are they used?

Shopping bags and veggie bags are used for shopping without waste, they are essential for those who wantavoid single-use plastic and unnecessary waste in their daily life.

You can put it in the shopping bagsevery day's shopping, up to 15kg.Veggie bags are ideal for shopping for loose fruit and vegetables. You can stick the label on the outside and put them directly in the refrigerator once you get home.

The mesh structure of the bags allows the contents to be visible and visible at the same timeLet fruit and vegetables breathe.

Composition and warnings

100% cotone biologico (GOTS)

After use you can simply put them onin the washing machine at 30 degreesand hang them to dry. Since it is a natural material, the nets shrink approximately 10-12% from the original size.

Materials and Packaging

100% organic cotton (GOTS)

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shopper e veggie a rete in cotone organico GOTS

The importance of shopping bags and veggie bags

Shopping bags and veggie bags are not just fashion. They are an easy way to avoid disposable bags. Very light, they can contain kilos and kilos of weight and can be reused countless times.

Our shopping bags are made of GOTS certified cotton, this means that the entire production chain is controlled.

These shopping bags are not "fashionable tote bags". They are much more. No logo, neutral color, they do what they are for and this makes them cooler than any alternative. You can use them for shopping, but also for going to the beach, for games, to hold any object.