Small Laundry Protection Bag


Ideal for make-up remover pads

This small laundry bag is ideal for washing make-up remover pads, as well as all small clothing (socks, underwear,..). It is ecological and sustainable. Made with 100% organic cotton.

Very easy to use, just insert the garments and close with the cord. Put in the washing machine with normal laundry.
Leave to air dry.

Material: 100% organic cotton
Size: 22.5cmx21.5cm
Weight: 23gr
Color: Natural Beige

no more lost socks and discs

Small laundry always in order

Use the small laundry protector bag to wash your reusable discs without them getting mixed in with your other laundry. You can also use it to wash other small, delicate items. Perfect for not losing your socks :)

how nice to reuse

Use and Reuse, Use and Reuse,...

Machine wash used discs between 40° and 60°C in the small laundry protection bag Every time you wash your reusable items you are helping to make the world a better place.

100% Organic Cotton

Sustainably Made

The small linen protector bag is made of 100% organic cotton, which focuses on environmental sustainability and the use of fewer resources.
Size: 22,5cmx21,5cm
Weight: 23gr