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Makeup Remover Rounds Refill

Makeup Remover Rounds Refill

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In this little box are 7 LastRound makeup remover rounds. Made from 100% renewable materials. Each disc is made of 70% wood fibers and 30% cotton fibers. They can be used up to 250 times and then composted.

Machine wash or hand wash. Allow to dry before placing the diskettes back in the LastRound case.

Diskette size: 6cm
Packaging: cardboard

How and where to use it

Simply take a LastRound from the top of the stack, wet with water or other cleaner (like oursSolid Illuminating Facial Cleanser) if you prefer, and clean!

LastRound works not only as aexcellent make-up remover, but also howwonderful light exfoliant. Initially, the discs may feel a little stiff, but when you add water or product, they are as soft as a regular cotton pad.
The pads are machine washable up to 60C.

Composition and warnings

LastRound: 70% Scandinavian wood fibers, 30% cotton fibers.

Materials and Packaging

LastRound is made of 100% sustainably sourced materials. Records are made for70% Scandinavian wood fibresand for the30% cotton fibres(which are too short to be used as fabric). Both are materialcompostable.
Key benefits.
LastRound replaces1,750 cotton discssingle use. Every time you use LastRound,you save 10 liters of waterclean drinking.
Each disc is completely compostable.
LastRound is done at100% materials from sustainable sources andIt allows you to avoid all the chemicals that are used in regular cotton balls.

Packaging: cardboard

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