Solid shower tray


Practical container made of 100%recycled plastic, km 0 and 100% recyclable.

Ideal for storing the solid shampoo after each use. The small holes on the bottom help to eliminate water and humidity residues; very convenient to carry the solid shampoo even when travelling.

How to use:

  1. Run the solid shower foam under water, removing the foam.

  2. Place the solid shower foam in the container without closing it. The water will drain through the three holes.

  3. Once dry you can close the lid again.

Do not leave the solid shower foam in direct contact with water.

Contents: 1 solid foam shower container (the foam shower is not included)
Material: 100% Recycled Plastic from the separate collection of Bergamo and 100% recyclable.
Recycling waste means turning waste into a resource, a product that can be reused and reintroduced into the economic system by creating items from secondary raw materials. This activity is essential to help our planet, as it reduces the consumption of raw materials (oil), the use of energy and the emission of CO2.
Certification: Plastic Second Life