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Coconut Bowl - 3 size

Coconut Bowl - 3 size

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Natural coconut bowls, handcrafted by talented artisans in South-East Asia and smoothed with coconut oil to smooth the surface and nourish the woody fibres. These bowls were created from the recovery of real coconut shells discarded by the food industry or from organic and sustainable cultivations. MOCA certified according to Italian and European regulations (Materials and objects safe and suitable for contact with food).

Available in three sizes:

Small - Beach Bowl
Perfect for yogurt, breakfasts, ice creams or even for fresh drinks and smoothies to enjoy as if you were totally relaxing on a tropical beach. Dark and intense brown color. Made with a particular variety of very robust coconuts, with a rounded and capacious shape. Dimensions: Diameter 10-12 cm. Height 6 - 6.5 cm. Capacity 600ml.

Medium - Tropical Bowl
Medium size, wide opening is fantastic for adding numerous toppings. Dark and intense brown color. Perfect for breakfasts, yogurt, cold porridge, smoothie bowls, ice creams and fruit salads. Dimensions: Diameter 12-14 cm. Height 5 - 5.5 cm. Capacity 600ml.

Large - Jumbo Bowl
Made only with the most capacious and robust coconut shells in nature and with a dark and intense brown color. Perfect for hosting abundant breakfasts, poké, mixed salads and single dishes. Dark and intense brown color. Dimensions: Diameter 14-16 cm. Height 7 - 7.5 cm. Capacity 900ml.

How and where to use it

What foods can they be used with?
Perfect for cold or room temperature foods. However, we do not recommend hot foods and/or liquids. The bowls are made of real coconut shells, a solid but still natural material and sensitive to high temperatures.
Can I put them in the oven, microwave, fridge or freezer?It is better to avoid extreme temperatures, high or low, as they could ruin or break them. We do not recommend keeping them in the fridge or freezer for prolonged periods as they could spoil due to too low temperatures. At most you can keep them for a couple of hours in the fridge to make cold recipes such as cold porridge.
How to wash them?
By hand with sponge, dishwashing liquid and cold running water. As with all objects made of wood or natural coconut shell, we do not recommend the dishwasher or prolonged immersion in water as they could be damaged.
How and when to polish them?
If you want to reinvigorate and nourish your bowls you can polish them with any vegetable oil every 20-30 uses to keep them in excellent condition for a long time.

Composition and warnings

Coconut.MOCA certifiedaccording to Italian and European regulations (Materials and objects safe and suitable for contact with food).

Materials and Packaging

I bordi delle Bowl sono avvolti in carta PAP 22, riciclabile nella carta

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