How R5 works

How it works

Drop a refill into the bottle. Fill the bottle with lukewarm water from your tap, screw in and wait a few minutes. Shake and start cleaning.

Drop the refill
as it is

Fill the bottle with
lukewarm tap water

Screw on the dispenser and
shake the bottle.

A genius concentration

Everyone is surprised by the R5 formula.

Our detergents are all biodegradable, super effective, and clean thoroughly, without halos or residue.

Concentrated refills take up a hundredth of the space of a traditional detergent, so they easily find a place in your home.

Just drop one into the bottle and add tap water.

The refill is not plastic, but made of an alcoholic film (PVA) that dissolves in water without leaving a trace.

Stay light!

R5 allows you to reduce waste by eliminating single-use plastic of traditional detergents, as well as the unjustified cost, and hassle, of transporting water to your home.