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Glass Cloth

Glass Cloth

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This Glass Cloth is not the usual cloth. It is a special cloth that sees us again collaborating with our friends at Atotus. To create products that are born from recovery and reuse. To give new life to waste that is still valuable.

This cloth is born from a virtuous circular process: in fact, the fabrics from which it is made have been recovered and selected within the Atotus circuit, sanitized and reused to be transformed into this cloth. Each glass cloth was handcrafted using the Upcycling technique. The design is meant to give value to the classic window cloth, usually one-ply and considered a rag. Woven in double layers and trimmed on the edges, with a circle symbolizing circularity sewn into both sides and the lace for hanging them, useful for faster drying.

Each cloth is a unique piece

Size: 30X30 cm.
Material: 100% reclaimed cotton
Patterns: mixed, being reclaimed material the cloth can appear in very different colors and patterns

Composition and warnings

100% recovered cotton.

Materials and Packaging

Material: 100% recovered cotton

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