The 3 Magic Powders

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Never again without!

The 3 Magic Powders are three eco-friendly products you can't live without:

  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Percarbonate
  • Sodium carbonate

3 Products, 1000 Uses. Citric Acid is a natural limescale remover, try it in the washing machine, dishwasher and even to descale the toilet. Sodium Percarbonate leaves no chance for any stain: whitening, sanitizing and ecological stain remover will solve many problems with your daily laundry. Excellent as a rinse aid in dishwashers and washing machine care. And Sodium Carbonate, still little known, is an excellent degreaser for surfaces and an excellent sanitizer and odor neutralizer for laundry.

Weight: 1.5kg
Fragrance: odorless
Packaging: Recyclable Paper Envelope and 100% Recyclable Plastic Zipper (the zipper provides security and seal against moisture)

Natural multipurpose limestone powder

Citric Acid Powder

Citric acid is a compound found naturally in citrus fruits; it has the power to lower water hardness.

It can be used as a natural fabric softener in the washing machine, a rinse aid in the dishwasher, a limescale remover, a descaler for the maintenance of washing machines and dishwashers and to facilitate toilet cleaning.
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Ecological whitener and sanitizer

Sodium Percarbonate

R5 Sodium Percarbonate is an environmentally friendly bleaching agent that simultaneously performs a cleaning, sanitizing, whitening action and aids in stain removal due to the oxygen released upon contact with water and sodium carbonate. It can be used for laundry and also to clean and sanitize dishes.
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Sodium Carbonate

Sodium Carbonate is an environmentally friendly multipurpose degreaser. Perfect as a surface descaler for hard-to-treat stains. Great for igieinizing, sanitizing and neutralizing laundry odors.
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