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The 3 Magic Powders

The 3 Magic Powders

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Never again without!

The 3 Magic Powders are three eco-friendly products you can't live without:

  • Citric Acid
  • Sodium Percarbonate
  • Sodium carbonate

3 Products, 1000 Uses. Citric Acid is a natural limescale remover, try it in the washing machine, dishwasher and even to descale the toilet. Sodium Percarbonate leaves no chance for any stain: whitening, sanitizing and ecological stain remover will solve many problems with your daily laundry. Excellent as a rinse aid in dishwashers and washing machine care. And Sodium Carbonate, still little known, is an excellent degreaser for surfaces and an excellent sanitizer and odor neutralizer for laundry.

Weight: 1.5kg
Fragrance: odorless
Packaging: Recyclable Paper Envelope and 100% Recyclable Plastic Zipper (the zipper provides security and seal against moisture)

Composition and warnings

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-Citric acid
-Sodium carbonate

Materials and Packaging

Packaging:Recyclable paper bag and 100% recyclable plastic zip(the zip guarantees safety and seals against humidity)

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