The reusable cotton bud


LastSwab is an alternative to the everyday disposable ear cleaning stick. It is made of medical TPE to ensure good hygiene, PP + fiberglass to make it very durable and stored in a recycled plastic case from ocean waste, collected off the coast of Indonesia. One LastSwab is intended to replace 1000 disposable sticks.

LastSwab Basic is designed to help clean out earwax. The stick has irregular medical TPE tips to help grip earwax. The tips are soft and gentle enough to use in the outer ear.
Easy to use and even wash!

Color: Turquoise R5
Size: one size fits allIncludes
: 1 case + 1 swabWeight
: 21 grams

never again without

Clean ears
without guilt!

LastSwab is a reusable, sustainable alternative to cotton and plastic or cotton and wood sticks.
Stop single-use
By purchasing LastSwab you help
reduce harmful waste that impacts our environment.
Made to last
LastSwab replaces up to 1000
disposable sticks.
Easy to clean
LastSwab is reusable and can be cleaned by hand with soap and water.

partnership for the same goals

We fight the same problem: numbers

Unnecessary, everyday disposable items have a huge negative impact on our Planet.
550 billion disposable earsticks are sold each year and cost the environment about 220 million pounds of CO2.
Between 1-5% of the plastic found in our oceans are cotton buds.

647 billion facial tissues are sold each year and cost the environment approximately 761 million pounds of CO2 and 28 million trees to produce

our partnership


As we told you, one of the goals we have set ourselves is to work on SDG 17, that is, to work in partnership to achieve the goals of the 2030 Agenda.

We are looking for partners who share with us the same values and objectives and LastObject is definitely one of them.

LastObject is a Danish company dedicated to creating sustainable and reusable alternatives to disposable items.
Their goal, like ours, is to create sustainable and reusable solutions.