Paper Linen Basket


This paper basket is a perfect ally for laundry collection, with a hint of irony. Durable and reusable many times.

Just put in shape, the paper bag becomes an object of decoration in any room and with its yellow writing shows from afar what is inside.

Biodegradable, color white paper/brown paper
Dimensions 55 x 84 cm
Made in Germany in cooperation with people with special needs.

very light and colorful

One Basket, Many Uses

It was born to hold laundry, but it is also perfect for collecting toys, paper to be reused, blankets by the sofa, paints, slippers to hide from dogs. You choose the function, for us it is beautiful always.

why we chose it

A Choice of Value

How are kolor products made? With sustainable or recycled materials. The kolor Studio likes to design and produce objects that we use ourselves, with a minimalist taste and timeless appearance. The principle is to create products that are functional at their core, simple and durable, preferably organic, always produced locally.
In production kolor includes people with special needs to assemble and package the products.

kolor studio:
"We chose the name kolor because it means diversity and variety, two words that also best describe our work. kolor can be anything: any color, anything."(Founders studio kolor)

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