LastPad Reusable Absorbents


A fantastic menstrual pad that is really pleasant to wear and does not harm the Planet.

1 LastPad replaces more than 250 disposable menstrual pads.

Three sizes are available to find the one that's right for you (see photos on tab). The smaller pad is perfect for lighter flow days. The medium pad is a great everyday pad for when you work or play sports. The large pad is good for heavy flow days, when you need all the protection you can get or during the night.

Small: 6.5cmx16cmx6.73cm - price-per-use 0.07€ vs. 0.15€ market average disposable pads*
Medium:8cmx24cmx9cm - price-per-use 0.08€ vs. 0.19€ market average disposable pads
Large: 8.5cmx28cmx10cm - price-per-use 0.09€ vs. 0.22€ market average disposable pads

Each absorbent comes with a convenient carrying case. You can store the absorbent in the case and take it with you. After using the absorbent, the pouch is even more useful; it is waterproof. It allows you to change, store it in the pouch and take it home for washing (for info on washing see instructions below).

Packaging: each package contains 1 LastPad of the chosen size.
Materials: TPU, bamboo and polyester (read below for details)
Outer packaging: cardboard

*LastPad unit price calculated on 250 uses. Average market price calculated on major brands of traditional disposable pads.

How are they used?

What do they look like?

The top layer is made of antibacterial, silky-soft polyester. This material helps reduce odor-causing bacteria and fungi and keeps the integrity of the fabric intact. It is comfortable on the skin and ensures that the skin remains smooth and fresh. The middle layer is a blend of polyester and bamboo. It helps transport moisture away from the skin and retains liquid 2 times better than even the highest absorbency cotton. The bottom layer is made of TPU, so you no longer have to worry about leaks. The material keeps the liquid inside

How do they wash?

Make sure the Velcro is closed, put them in the laundry bag, and wash them cold in the washing machine. Air dry.

Cold washing at 30°C is always recommended, as blood solidifies at high temperatures.

How do they make a difference?

Although it is difficult to quantify the global use of disposable pads, about 49 billion and 19 billion disposable menstrual products are consumed annually in the EU and the US, respectively. The different composition of disposable menstrual products, along with the presence of organic matter after use, makes their recycling technically and economically cost ly. As a result, most of these products are disposed of in landfills or incinerated. Disposable pads can contain up to 90 percent plastic and are often individually packaged.
You can read the detailed report here.

With 1 LastPad you can eliminate the use of 250 disposable pads.