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91% of the world's plastic waste ends up in landfills, burned or dumped into our oceans and waterways. While we have worked since day one to reduce and eliminate unnecessary plastic in our products , manufacturing and distribution, some of it is unavoidable. And this is because plastic is also a very precious resource, which guarantees the conservation of food and objects, is light and recyclable. But its use is not always intelligent.

We have partnered with rePurpose, a global movement of conscious consumers and businesses committed to going plastic-free, to certify each of our products as Plastic Negative.

Every R5 product is now PLASTIC NEGATIVE certified

We've partnered with rePurpose Global to fund the ethical collection and treatment of twice as much nature-related plastic waste as we create with our products. By contributing a portion of our revenues to the rePurpose Impact Project Anant Pranay , we recognize the dire need for funds to address this ongoing emergency, and we are proud to have taken our first step in facilitating long-term, holistic impact.

Now more than ever, we need brands to take responsibility for the global plastic epidemic. We're proud to announce that R5 Living has taken a commendable step towards creating change by becoming certified Plastic Neutral with rePurpose Global and facilitating the removal of nature-bound plastic .”

( Svanika Balasubramanian - Co-Founder and CEO rePurpose Global)


How does Certification work?

STEP 1 : rePurpose Global measured our plastic footprint, taking into account product statistics, type of plastic material used and sales units

STEP 2 : Based on our Plastic Footprint (which is recalculated over time) we finance the removal of an amount of plastic waste equivalent to at least double our plastic footprint through rePurpose.

STEP 3 : This is just the beginning of our journey towards sustainability and our commitment to reducing plastic. rePurpose helps us reduce plastic use on an ongoing basis, allowing us to communicate and engage our customers on this wonderful journey we are on.

Anant Pranay Project(अनंत प्रणय)

Did you know that many English words, including 'jungle' are borrowed from Hindi? In Hindi, Anant Pranay (अनंत प्रणय)) means endless love. This impactful project is the effort to express our love for the jungles of Maharashtra and the surrounding natural ecosystems. By supporting this women-run business in Aurangabad, we hope to restore the natural environment to the peaceful and lush state it once was in.

Project Anant Pranay (अनंत प्रणय) is a collaboration between rePurpose Global and local waste management organisation, Civic Response Team (CRT) , which has significant experience in building new value chains for waste recovery and recycling plastics throughout central and northern India.

Through the Anant Pranay Project (अनंत प्रणय), rePurpose Global is catalyzing the ethical collection and processing of low-value soft plastic packaging (MLP) waste that would otherwise have been dumped in landfills. MLP is used to make everything from potato chip packaging to candy wrappers.


About rePurpose Global

rePurpose Global is the world's first plastics credit platform dedicated to making environmental action accessible to businesses around the world . Their one-stop solution allows anyone to become Plastic Neutral by funding plastic waste management and mitigation projects around the world.

Since inception, rePurpose Global has created environmental impact for people in 26 countries and more than 100 purposeful brands, ranging from emerging SMEs to global Fortune 500s. In doing so, the coalition is positively impacting and touching the lives of more than 9,500 marginalized waste workers and community members around the world.

Watch this 4-minute introductory video or go to the rePurpose site to explore our platform and join the movement

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The social impact of working with rePurpose Global

Our partnership with rePurpose Global also allows us to empower marginalized waste workers around the world . Through rePurpose Global Impact Projects, it employs waste workers to remove and recover plastic who might otherwise struggle to secure formal employment. With the help of our Plastic Negative Certification contributions, rePurpose Global can support waste workers with higher wages and by distributing education subsidies, health insurance and access to an inclusive and dignified work environment.