A Sustainable Christmas comes from small daily gestures.

Christmas is approaching and like every year you have to think about what to give to your collaborators, partners and customers. This year could be the start of a new tradition. A sustainable tradition : for us, for our homes, for those who need it most, for our Planet.

If you choose an R5 Living gift you are giving much more than simple objects.

You're giving away a new consumption habit . You are giving away a new way of thinking. Gifts to the world less CO2 : for each R5 Living product we calculate the savings in terms of lower carbon dioxide emissions and fewer single-use plastic bottles released into the environment. We are the first Italians certified Plastic Negative.

3% of our turnover supports social and reforestation projects. Our gifts become a concrete part of companies' CSR activities.
Write to us at info@R5Living.com and discover our kits for companies.