we introduce you to a new friend of ours

R5 with Cartridge

As you know, one of the Sustainable Goals we have chosen to pursue is Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals. It is one of the most important goals, it is the goal that tells us that union is strength and never before as in this moment we need to work as a network, to find fellow travelers with the same goals and values and unite to achieve results faster.
Today we want to tell you about a wonderful company: Cartuccina.it

simple and innovative

The model of Cartuccina.it

Do you have empty cartridges? Well, store them, put together some, go on the site check the value of each cartridge (if you exceed 20 euros shipping costs are offered) and send them through Posteitaliane Cartuccina.it. Cartuccina will give you the equivalent of the value of the cartridges in cash. Brilliant, isn't it? Cartuccina rewards us if we send it our waste! What better way to convince us to change our habits?

small gestures really change things

Why R5 and Cartridge together?

We like the idea of being the Italian travel companion of Cartuccina. With you, friends of R5 Living, we are sure we can do a lot, because this path towards a more sustainable everyday world is the pact we made. Our task is to continue to create "good" products for Home and Personal Care, but it is also to push for a change in consumption, in daily habits, in general. It is also to introduce you to exceptional realities such as Cartuccina.it to discover how to reduce our single impact every day.