Unity is strength

And this saying is even more true when we talk about taking action on climate change. Each of us, individually, as an individual must act, all together we can change the direction of this climate crisis and make it an opportunity. That's why we are looking for brands and companies that like us are born with the specific goal of working for the environment, to decrease our impact, to decrease CO2 emissions.

We present our fellow travelers, our brand friends, with whom we share values and goals.

light expenditure, indeed very light

Made Sustained

"With Re-Sack I want to create a new habit, this habit is to bring your own reusable vegetable bag to the supermarket instead of useless disposables." (Sjoerd van der Helm -Founder)

Made Sustained is a young and creative company distributing sustainable and innovative products in the European market.

Made Sustained is a way of life. Live and enjoy, but be conscious of your actions. Made Sustained develops products, innovative and attractive, which aim to reduce waste to contribute to a better environment. Discover Made Sustained products in our Christmas Kitchen Collection kits.

stop microplastics


The GUPPYFRIEND bag ®is a scientifically proven and patented solution against microplastic fiber pollution during washing and the only one that protects clothes and the environment.

Our main goal is to work to change small daily gestures that have a negative impact on the Planet every day.

We eliminate plastic where it is not needed and recycle it where it is needed. We are PLASTIC NEGATIVE certified.
GUPPYFRIEND® works to eliminate the microplastics that we put into the sea with every wash. This partnership is fundamental for us. Our role is to help people change everyday habits and GUPPYFRIEND® is one of the solutions. Find out more about our partnership here.


We are looking for partners who share the same values and goals with coi, and LastObject is definitely one of them.

LastObject is a Danish company dedicated to creating sustainable and reusable alternatives to disposable items.
Their goal, like ours, is to create sustainable and reusable solutions.

We fight the same problem: everyday, unnecessary disposable items have a huge negative impact on our Planet.

Check out the products.

7 lives to printer cartridges

We like the idea of being the Italian travel companion of Cartuccina. With you, friends of R5 Living, we are sure we can do a lot, because thispath towards a more sustainable everyday world is the pact that we made. Our task is to continue to create "good" products for Home and Personal Care, but it is also topush for a change in consumption, in daily habits, in general. It is also to introduce you to exceptional realities such as to discover how to reduce our individual impact every day.

paper for holding. light and beautiful

kolor studio

"We chose the name kolor because it means . diversity and variety, two words that also best describe our work. kolor can be anything: any color, anything" (Founders studio kolor)

How are kolor products made? With sustainable or recycled materials. At kolor Studio we like to design and produce objects that we use ourselves, with a minimalist taste and timeless appearance. The principle is to create products that are functional at their core, simple and durable, preferably organic, always produced locally.In production kolor includes people with special needs to assemble and package the products.

Our Promise

We will continue to look for new partners, new brand friends because the more we promote a change towards sustainable consumption , the more effective our action will be. If among your favorite brands there are brands that, like us, are trying to give impulse to an action of change, write us at to build a team!