Lavaggio dei capi colorati in lavatrice: i miti da sfatare

Washing colored clothes in the washing machine: the myths to dispel

How to wash colored clothes in the washing machine: the first wash

The first wash at home of a new dress is often a reason for doubt: it happens in fact that some colored clothes fade with the very first spin of the washing machine and this leads to ruin the other clothes placed together in the drum or lose the beautiful color of the new purchase. Why does this happen?

    • The dye applied to the garment does not adhere well to the fabric fibers
    • The dye used to make the garment is too abundant
    • The garment is made from natural fibers, such as cotton and silk, and its ability to retain color is lower

All of these reasons are plausible, but they are not indications of poor quality of the product purchased. It is simply a possibility to be taken into account when preparing to do the first wash of colored garments. How avoid this inconvenience?

In order for the garment to maintain its color for as long as possible, it may be useful to take a few steps, starting with checking the label. This is the first thing to do before washing coloured garments in the washing machine; here the washing methods and any precautions to follow can be indicated. If you do not find anything in particular continue with:

  • Color absorbent sheetsto insert in the washing machine basket to see if a garment is losing color. Contrary to popular belief, the sheet is not used to wash dark-colored or light-colored garments and different materials indiscriminately, but its purpose is to allow us to regulate washing in the washing machine by identifying more easily the garments that lose traces of color
  • Cold water washing, blocks the release of color from new colored garments
  • Vinegar, to fix the color of those clothes that release too much dye during washing. Simply place a glass in the washing machine and run a quick cycle, cold and without detergent. But it must be done as little as possible, because we know, vinegar could damage the washing machine

A preliminary test on red, green or blue garments, the colors that release the most color, could be very useful.
Wet a corner of the fabric and try drying it with a white cloth. Does the color come off? Best to remember to use vinegar as a pre-wash.

4 myths to dispel about colored clothing
Do you always have to separate whites from colors? Is there a specific program for colored garments in the washing machine? Let's give an answer to 4 commonplaces about washing colored garments:

  • The clothes that sting are only the cheap ones.. False! Even a super expensive garment can leave color during machine washing.
  • White and colored garments should be separated, always.. Not necessarily, because you have to see how you want to proceed with the washing. Not all colored garments lose color, especially if the washing cycle is at low temperatures
  • All colored garments can be washed together. Absolutely not; on the contrary, it is necessary to make a distinction between dark and light garments. Black, red and blue are "dangerous" colors and should always be washed alone; the "harmless" colors, that is, all the other lighter colors, can instead be cleaned in a single spin of the washing machine.
  • Colored garments can be machine washed even at high temperatures. Not at all: you can choose a program that foresees a maximum washing temperature of 40°. Opting for a higher temperature risks discoloring the garments. However, check your washing machine, on newer models there are special programs for colored, dark or light clothes, with appropriate temperatures. In general, washing at low temperatures is recommended, both because the current washing machines work very well at low temperatures, and especially because we help the environment by saving energy, which at a time like this of high bills, is good for both the environment and the wallet.

Tips for a perfect low-impact laundry
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