Detergente per viso solido: cos'è?

Solid facial cleanser: what is it?

Solid Facial Cleanser: How it works and where to buy it

Self-care also means caring for the environment; the solid facial cleanser is a shining example of this mix. In the field of cosmetics, the growing attention to the delicate theme of sustainability has pushed companies into a new and positive competitive arena. Research and development departments are now looking in an ambivalent direction. Business is no longer the only objective Business is no longer the only objective to be pursued: care for the consumer and care for the environment overlap to create beauty products that are effective, sustainable and economical at the same time.

What is solid facial cleanser?

The solid facial cleanser is a cleansing and makeup remover that purifies the skin and gives it radiance. Composed of natural ingredients, it can also have a moderate effect exfoliating because of its composition. A scrub, soap and makeup remover all in one product, friendly to the skin and the environment. Unlike traditional products in liquid form, the synthetic components are present to an extremely reduced extent. Application methods change accordingly. The gesture is more complete, the process resembles a veritable beauty ritual. The effectiveness is not affected at all. Solid facial soap comes in the form of a bar of soap: simply activate the cleanser by wetting it under running water. The foam obtained in this way will be applied on the skin, and spread carefully massaging every single portion of the face. The beneficial effects will be released by the substances dissolved in the composition, as well as by the massaging action of hands. Compared to traditional soap the cleansing power is superiorand the risk of irritation from contact with chemical agents disappears.

The effects on the skin

What you get is a brightening effect, with the skin finally able to breathe and expel toxins and pollutants accumulated during the day. Excess sebum is also removed, thanks to the moderate abrasive effect of the product. The exfoliating action allows to remove the annoying feeling of grease and fat from the skin. The product is also very effective as a makeup remover, being able to effectively remove foundation and mascara from the skin. The foam will produce a pleasant relaxing and lubricating effect, and will help the pores to dilate. Due to the mechanical relaxing action, the skin will allow the beneficial substances contained in the cleanser to pass through. These are ingredients of natural origin, which will not be long in making their many benefits felt. The emollient and soothing action, where the skin presents micro-irritations due to stress, makeup and pollutants, gives the face a bright and relaxed look, for a smooth and natural skin tone.

Solid facial cleanser: Composition and ingredients

The ingredients of the solid facial cleanser are of natural originare plastic free and do not contain silicones. In this way, most of the irritations resulting from sensitivity or intolerance to these compounds are avoided. Secondly, by choosing these products we respect the flora and fauna with which we share the planet. We are talking about products free of phosphates and environmentally friendly packaging. The ingredients can be the most disparate, as many as we are able to extract from mother nature. The charcoal is an effective purifier, helps eliminate toxins, and has a mild exfoliating action. L'almond oil is an effective skin elasticizer, has beneficial emollient and soothing properties and deeply nourishes the skin.

Care for the skin and the environment

The attention paid to the environment by companies operating in the field of cosmetics is, and must be, maximum. Compared to liquid soap, solid soap represents an enormous leap forward in terms of environmental sustainability. After use, the product returns to the environment without harming the ecosystem. Its composition boasts 97% of ingredients of natural origin, and has no plastics or silicones. This type of facial cleanser is produced according to the philosophy of zero waste philosophy, which reduces processing waste to a minimum. Unlike synthetic cosmetics, the entire life cycle of solid soap is environmentally friendly: another reason to prefer it. Dermatologically tested. It releases a pleasant scent and gives the skin a persistent feeling of freshness. The beneficial effects on the skin are evident, with an effectiveness superior to that of synthetic products. Compared to the latter, the economic saving is also important because the yield is very high, and the practicality of use is clearly superior. We can take solid soap with us when we travel, even by plane, without worrying about bulky bottles that might not pass the strict controls at check-in.

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