Come lavare il parquet senza rovinarlo

How to wash parquet without ruining it

Recovered or modern, coated or natural, the parquet is one of the most popular flooring materials among Italians because of the sense of elegance it gives to every room and its obvious aesthetic and practical qualities: it ensures greater luminosity, does not retain dust, is completely natural, renewable and recyclable and, last but not least, helps with thermal insulation, remaining cooler in summer and warmer in winter. It is very important, however, to take care of it in the right way and respect the natural and noble material that composes it, wood.

Why it is important to always have a clean parquet floor

Those who choose a parquet floor for their home do so with the awareness of putting under their feet a living and evolving material that requires more attention than a ceramic tile or natural stone floor. This means not only removing the dust that settles on a daily basis, but also paying attention to all those elements that could accelerate the natural aging of the wood and its oxidation, as well as it is better to avoid the use of detergents too aggressive.

What we need to wash the parquet

  • Vacuum cleaner equipped with a parquet brush. This is a very important detail, as brushes not specifically designed for parquet could scratch the wood;
  • Cotton or microfiber cloths well wrung out. Excessive water can be harmful to parquet, as the wood tends to absorb and trap it, staying damp longer than is really necessary;
  • Warm water (not too hot). We know that warm water is more effective for cleaning, but in the case of parquet, it is best not to overdo the temperature.
  • Mild detergentsdetergents, preferably made with non-aggressive ingredients and designed specifically for cleaning wood. Alternatively, a mixture of water and alcohol or, alternatively, a mixture of water and vinegar and a few drops of essential oil is sufficient;

How to wash parquet without ruining it

  • We vacuum with the parquet brush or a floor brush with cotton or microfiber strips;
  • Lightly dampen a cotton or microfiber cloth with the mixture of natural products we have chosen and warm water and wipe the entire surface;
  • We pass a dry cotton cloth over the entire surface to dry and minimize the risk of water absorption.

The extraordinary maintenance of parquet

In addition to the daily care of our parquet, we should also carry out, less frequently, every 4 or 6 months depending on the type of wood and on how much time we spend in a specific room, an extraordinary maintenance which takes just a few minutes and helps to slow down the natural and inevitable changes in the color and tone of the wood. Parquet flooring in rooms where we spend more time or which are particularly bright will need a little more care than that in rooms where we go less frequently.

This extraordinary maintenance consists of the so-called operation of waxing the parquetin this case too, using an all-natural wax that we can quickly prepare with a few ingredients:

  • 1 tablespoon of distilled white vinegar
  • 2 tablespoons of olive oil or linseed oil
  • 2 cups of lukewarm water
  • A few drops of essential oil of citronella oil or lavender, eucalyptus or lemon depending on your preferences.

All you have to do is mix these simple ingredients and store them in a bottle or other container, slightly moisten a cotton cloth and pass it on the parquet floor.

Alternatively we can also use a mixture containing natural wax e beeswax together withwhite vinegar and the inevitable drops of essential oilbut in this case we will have to heat the ingredients in a saucepan over very low heat or in a bain-marie, mixing everything carefully and letting it rest for a few hours before using it on our parquet.

Mistakes to avoid when washing parquet

We have seen how to wash the parquet and take care of it to ensure a long and healthy life, but it is right to make explicit also the things not to do in the operations of washing parquet.

  • Do not use water that is too hot
  • Do not use steam washing machines
  • Do not use too much water
  • Do not use alcoholic or aggressive products
  • Do not use abrasive tools
  • Do not move furniture, even light furniture, without lifting it.

For the cleaning of parquet you can try our specific product, designed specifically for wooden surfaces, R5 Wooden Surfaces and Floors, for the daily cleaning of parquet and all wood surfaces, such as furniture, doors, fixtures and panels. Its formulation does not dull or remove the finish of parquet floors. Deeply cleans in total respect of the surfaces. Maintains the natural hydration of the wood.

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