Acido citrico: che cos'è? Come si usa?

Citric acid: what is it? How is it used?

Citric acid is an acidic substance naturally present in lemonas well as in other citrus fruits. At home it is an irreplaceable ally in the care of hygiene, and its further applications are many. La low acidity of the substance makes it very effective in cleaning, degreasing and sanitizing a great number of surfaces. Citric acid can be used in the care personal care and even as a natural fabric softener, added to the washing machine. It is a completely natural compound, environmentally friendly and extremely economical. Its effectiveness allows you to avoid the use of many chemical products, harmful to the ecosystem and in most cases much more expensive.

Citric acid uses

The field of application of citric acid is very wide; we can use it, for example, to descale bathroom fittings and household appliances. Its effective anti-scale action makes it suitable to make sinks and faucets shine, as well as dishes in the dishwasher if used as a rinse aid. In the washing machine, it can be used as a fabric softener instead of chemical products that are definitely not very environmentally friendly, and responsible for irritation to the most sensitive skin. Combined with sodium bicarbonate, it can be used to free clogged sanitary drains. Its uses are almost unlimited, especially if combined with other natural substances. However, citric acid gives its best when used alone, for example as a descaler for washing machines and dishwashers. Just pour a small amount into the appliance, and start a washing program to remove limescale from the basket and the inner walls of the dishwasher. Same effectiveness for the care of washbasin and surfaces attacked by limestone: in this case we will dissolve the substance in hot water, and then spray it with a common mechanical spray. For its removal will be sufficient to use a damp sponge.


The use of citric acid must be limited to certain materials, such as smooth steel, ceramic and glass surfaces. It is not recommended to use undiluted citric acid on fabrics, terracotta tiles, and any material that could be attacked by its modest acidity. Wood, stone and marble surfaces, for example, should be kept away from this substance, miraculous in many other applications. It is good in any case to avoid contact with the eyes, because the risk of irritation is real. It is necessary to keep citric acid away from children and animals, hermetically sealed in its package also for a better preservation.

Why to use citric acid? The advantages

With a little bit of experience, we will find ourselves using citric acid to clean most of the common objects in the house. Over time, we are going to realize a certain economic savings because its effectiveness will allow us to do without many chemical products for cleaning the house. It goes without saying that in this way we will also be doing a good action for the environmentbecause we will avoid releasing polluting chemicals into nature. Citric acid in powder form should be diluted with large quantities of water, therefore a minimum dose is enough to get great results. Its speed is another major advantage as it saves time and effort in cleaning surfaces from limescale and scale. If purchased in ecological packaging finally, we will impact even less on the environment, not having to dispose of large quantities of plastic and other substances that are enemies of the ecosystem.

Citric acid where to buy

Citric acid is easily available in commerce. We can find it in physical stores as well as in many online stores. To be sure of buying an environmentally friendly product, it is best to choose companies that pay attention to sustainability even in the packaging. R5®Living is a good example in this sense, because to the quality of the product combines an extreme attention to the environment. It is a certified reality Plastic Negative with RePurpose GlobalThis means that it is able to remove twice as much plastic as the one used for the production of the packages, which are made of recyclable paper and use only the plastic zipper for safety and better preservation of the product. You can find our citric acid here.

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