10 idee regalo Green per i tuoi Amici e per il Pianeta

10 Green gift ideas for your Friends and the Planet

Christmas 2021? Just eco-friendly gifts and maybe even different from the usual stuff.

We don't always know what to give friends and family at Christmas. Moreover, this is an occasion when waste is around the corner between wrapping paper and not very useful items that end up being thrown away. So, here are ten ideas gift to avoid waste and in the name of a more sustainable! Maybe changing perspective and making a really different gift.


Christmas with its giftsparties, family gatherings, large meals with friends is a time when we pay less attention to the sustainability and the environmental impact of our behaviors. In particular the gifts lead us to a great waste of paper, ribbons, bows, packaging and sometimes we end up with giving useless items that are forgotten and thrown away. We can change this and choose some eco-friendly gifts also useful to the environment.

Before some advice on the best green gifts for this Christmas we must have an eye for paper gift paper. In fact it is important to avoid waste. If we choose to make sustainable giftsLet's try to pack them following the same philosophy!

Let's reuse paper from old newspapers or magazines and avoid buying plasticized paper that is difficult to recycle. Alternatively we can deliver gifts packing them in reusable Christmas shopping bags, perhaps derived from recycled materials.


Here are the first four green gift ideas. Some of the gifts timeless Christmas gifts are those related to personal care, but why not decline this cue in a more sustainable? We can give our loved ones the opportunity to discover a new way to pamper themselves and take care of themselves, a way that also respects the environment. Here are some suggestions:

1. Solid, eco-friendly shampoo and conditioner

Every year we give away and receive plastic packages containing fragrant products for our hair. This year we choose a plastic free alternative, of natural origin and biodegradable! Discover our wonderful Christmas Beauty Kits

2. Eco makeup removal kit

Do we have someone who loves to apply makeup? Sooner or later they will also have to remove their makeup and why not do it with cotton pads and products more sustainable products? We could give them an interesting cue that could become a permanent habit.

3. Natural sponges

By now both men and women love to take care of their skin, so why not give sponges to make it brighter and smoother? We can do this by opting for natural cellulose or loofah that will give a beneficial and pleasant scrub effect, or even sponges in Konjac with unique properties of cleansing and moisturizing.

4. Razor with a bamboo handle

Full of style and elegance give to a man or a woman a razor with a bamboo handle is definitely a fun and low impact choice.


More gifts that we often make and receive are those related to the home, furniture or kitchen. These are gifts useful, but here are some alternatives sustainable:

5. Water bottle made of sustainable materials

The water bottle, by now, is a must for each of us. There are beautiful, colorful and stylish ones. They can be an element that expresses our personality and in addition they allow us to save a lot of disposable plastic bottles!

6. Cloths in beeswax for foods

We know that transparent film is very polluting. Few, however, know about beeswax cloths that are an excellent reusable substitute for film. These are washable cloths that wrap around food just like film, plus, they are colorful and vibrant. A gift perfect!

7. Bamboo Cutlery Set

Bamboo is a sustainable sustainable that is becoming more and more popular in our homes, why not give an elegant and alternative set of cutlery in this material?

8. Christmas Kitchen Kit

We want to fight against pollution from stupid plastic? Here we can give to the couple of friends just moved in together a kit sustainable for cleaning the house: a single bottle can be reused indefinitely thanks to the refills plastic free and in the Christmas Kitchen Kit there are many products, born from the collaboration with sustainable companies, which help to reduce the impacts in everyday life.


We conclude this roundup of sustainablegifts with a green and original touch :

9. participation in a social reforestation project, such as the one we support in Burkina Faso. In this project the tree is even more of a metaphor and therefore must, in some way, stand out less, be less of a protagonist: the protagonists are the women, the true backbone of the community. It is therefore a project of social redemption: it helps local rural communities to achieve economic subsistence. Planting trees means having food for the community.

10. Kits for growing plants on the balcony. We invite our friends to a greener lifestyle in every sense. Giving a kit to encourage a green thumb on our balconies is a great initiative!

This Christmas you are spoiled for choice. There are no more excuses: all the gifts we give can be much more sustainable and environmentally friendly than they ever were.

(Photo by Markus Spiske)
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