CHR5TMAS Advent Calendar Story

a special calendar

A Surprise a Day makes Sustainable All Around!

To prepare together for this Sustainable Christmas we have created this Special Advent Calendar. Every day you will find a surprise, a special offer active for only 48h.

Discover all the boxes and surprises day by day.

A sustainable Christmas passes through solidarity gestures.

We donate 3% of our turnover to two important projects: a special social reforestation program in Burkina Faso and an infrastructure development project for Plastics workers.
Climate change is changing the living conditions of entire populations and we want to do our part not only by committing ourselves to developing low-impact products, but also concretely to give a hand to those who really need it.

Our Philosophy

Our action, our vocation is encapsulated in our Logo.

1. Reflect on how we consume the resources available to us.

2. Fill the bottle from the tap at home to eliminate the transportation of water.

3. Reuse containers to avoid plastic waste.

4. Recycle what we discard to reduce environmental impact.

5. Relax knowing we did the right thing.