The countdown has begun. New products, 10 News

  • 1. Professional Cleaning

    The effectiveness of our products has always been in first place for us. And your reviews have rewarded us for this.

    We have worked even harder to ensure uncompromising cleanliness.

  • 2. Never Crash

    We put ourselves to the test: we tested the new products in truly extreme conditions, high temperatures (over 40° C), low temperatures (down to -6° C), we even did crash tests and drop tests. We are ready!

  • 3. Easier to FAR5I than at DIR5I

    Simple things are what we like. We are convinced that change is easier if doing so is simple and immediate.

  • 4. Ready, Steady, GO !

    Preparation time: less than 10 seconds!

  • 5. That good clean smell

    How good our clean house smells... that feeling that makes you feel at home. We have been working on suggestive new fragrances

  • 6. New in ...finally

    We know, you asked us, we had to work hard on it. We did it... a real new entry is coming

  • 7. Zero compromises

    We always have. It's part of our values. The quality/price ratio is fundamental for us. It will be even more so with the new products

  • 8. Less is more

    A new format, a new packaging. We have reduced the weight of the paper packaging where we use it by over 20%.

  • 9. We Love LOVER5

    For all of you LOVER5, for waiting for us, for the trust you give us, double LOVER5 points from launch until December 1st

  • 10. 10x10= 100

    25% promo for the first 100 orders . To say thank you for waiting for us!

Non resta che provarli!