Too Good To go: l’App pensata per evitare lo spreco di cibo

Too Good To go: the App designed to avoid food waste

The issue of food waste is particularly felt in recent years: you need to change your habits if you want to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle and help the planet to recover. To help us reduce food waste there is Too Good To Go, the app that saves unsold food. Let's find out more about how it works!

What is Too Good To Go

The application Too Good To Go is an excellent tool committed to the fight against food waste: it is a Danish app that in Italy has recorded many installations, the signal that something is changing in our eating behaviors? It certainly has a simple and attractive graphics and is extremely easy to get, just download it from Google Play Store or App Store, for free.

The interest on the theme of food waste is strong, in fact every time we throw away organic waste:

  • all the resources used for its production are lost, such as water, electricity and labor force
  • the level of pollution rises considerably

In an era where everything is optimized, even food consumption should be optimized.
The creators of this zero waste app wanted to launch this digital project just to make citizens more aware of food waste. Every day about a third of the world's food is thrown away; the waste comes only in part from the household, while the bulk comes from commercial activities .

App Too Good To Go: how it works

Too Good To Go tries to save the still good food of small food businesses, which at the end of the day would be thrown away. Merchants are offered a virtual space where they can sell off their food products, before they are discarded. Instead, the user is given the opportunity to save food from restaurants, bars and other stores.

What types of products can be found on the app:

  • unsold day-old bread
  • a pan of pizza still good to eat, but that no one has bought yet
  • fresh food various types of food that would be wasted at closing time because unsaleable the next day
  • ready-made dishes from take-away places
  • breakfast from hotels
  • food from supermarkets

Businesses affiliated with Too Good To Go allow you to purchase unsold food through Magic Boxes, which are super discounted boxes of food.
The actual contents of the Magic Box will be a surprise until the time of pickup because you can buy one directly from the app and book the pickup, but the exact contents will depend on what's left on the shelves at the end of the day.

To find out about the nearest Magic Boxes, simply set the distance in km you are interested in on the app, the time slot for pickup and the category of food. Once you are at your destination just show the staff the order directly in the app.

This system against food waste is a smart way to get great food at a low price and help reduce excessive food consumption, in a fun way. We at R5 also support the fight against food waste!

Tips on how to reduce food waste

Downloading and using Too Good To Go is just one of the actions you can take to reduce food waste. To optimize food consumption and fight waste here's what else you can do:

  • Adopt a healthier, more sustainable diet;
  • buy buy only what you need;
  • store food properlyi.e. moving older products to the front of the pantry or refrigerator, and new ones to the back. Simple, right?
  • make small portions or share meals that are too large;
  • reuse leftovers reuse leftovers to create tasty next-day recipes;
  • support local producers;
  • eat more vegetables and legumes. Start with once a week and increase by incorporating them every day.

Try your hand at being a food hero, too!

And then if you have to clean up, remember to clean sustainably, eliminate waste and adopt an R5 Living Home Kit.

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