Sostenibilità e cambiamenti climatici: 5 documentari per saperne di più

Sustainability and climate change: 5 documentaries to learn more

Climate change, sustainability, pollution are topics that everyone wants to think about today. Here are some documentaries to delve into these topics.

For those who don't like to read, watching a good documentary is a great way to get closer to issues such as pollution, sustainability or climate change. To learn more about these topics we can rely on filmmakers and naturalists who refer to official sources and have traveled the world to witness firsthand what is happening. Let's discover the 5 best documentaries on the environment.


David Attenborough is an internationally renowned documentary filmmaker who has dedicated his life to traveling the world to document the wonders of our planet. His signature is a guarantee of quality and wonder. For several years now, the naturalist has been working to raise awareness of environmental issues among the world's population and the documentary dedicated to climate change "David Attenborough: A Life on Our Planet" is a piece of this journey that he has built over time. He narrates his own existence, his life path and what he has learned that is important in the study of nature. In the end he proposes ideas for saving the planet: we must learn to work with nature not oppose it. The documentary is available on Netflix.


"I Am Greta" is the documentary dedicated to the activism of Greta Thunberg. Director Nathan Grossman has been following her since the very first protests held in front of the Swedish government. Thanks to his acquaintances within the Thunberg family, the director immediately learned of Thunberg 's initiatives and was immediately struck by the impact that the protest of such a young girl fighting for the future of her entire generation could have. Grossman accompanied her to all the important events together with her father, so they decided to narrate the events related to the activism of the young environmentalist. The documentary in 2020 was presented in Venice and today can be found on Prime Video.


Sustainability and food are topics that can go hand in hand. The documentary "Cowspiracy" focuses on the impact of intensive livestock and massive agricultural production. It shows data collected from studies carried out by international organizations such as NASA, World Watch, FAO, Science Mag. Research results show how the greenhouse gas produced by factory farming is unsustainable for the planet and how this food production causes an unprecedented waste of water.

The documentary can be found on Netflix and was shot by Kip Andersen and Keegan Kuhn, two filmmakers from California. It was financed by Leonaro Di Caprio, who is very active in terms of environmental awareness.


"Seaspiracy" is a documentary available on Netflix that illustrates just how unsustainable current global fish production is for the environment. To show all the consequences of this practice, directors Ali and Lucy Tabrizi choose as a starting point a reflection on the pollution of the oceans caused by plastic and gradually highlight other aspects that are leading the marine ecosystem to collapse. The criticism received has been many, as some data have been found to be inaccurate or lacking. However, it is still a good starting point to approach the subject while maintaining a critical and careful look.


A documentary focused on plastic pollution is "A Plastic ocean", also available on Netflix. Journalist Craig Leeson reports from the huge and shocking amount of plastic in the seas of Sri Lanka. He was on location to shoot another type of documentary focused on blue whales when the plastic in the waters caught his attention and he knew there was a need to show this reality. The work explains well the devastating environmental impact of the indiscriminate use of this material.

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