Shampoo Solido: cos'è e come si usa

Solid Shampoo: What it is, How to use it, Benefits and Properties

Organic solid shampoo is not a simple alternative to its liquid counterpart. Compared to traditional shampoo, it can boast unique properties, in addition to itseffectiveness detergent efficacy. It is an ecologicalits components are mostly natural. Even the packaging is made from recycled/recyclable materials or organic materials. A choice of quality, ethical but also convenient: the solid shampoo is economical because it has a yield high.

What is solid shampoo?

Solid shampoo comes in the form of a bar of soap, solid and compact. The effects are not those we expect from using a normal soap: the hair does not become dry, and the skin is not attacked by irritation or itching. Solid shampoo has exceptional cleansing qualities, to the point of being more effective and less aggressive than synthetic liquid shampoo, because its solid surfactants of biological origin respect the chemical balance of the skin. No water is present in the solid shampoo, and this has a double advantage. The soap bar is practical to carry on the goIt takes up very little space and can even be taken on an airplane. The absence of liquids inhibits the formation of bacteria and mold; just let the soap dry after use, to ensure maximum hygiene.

Solid shampoo: tips to use it at its best

Solid shampoo is activated by contact with waterand there are several methods for doing so. You can rub wet hair lightly with the soap, and wait for it to start releasing the foam to be used for washing. Alternatively, you can rub the solid shampoo between your hands, previously wet, to achieve the same effect. All methods are valid, it will be up to the consumer to decide which one is best for him or her. To get the best out of the product, it is advisable to take small amounts of foam and repeat the operation if necessary. The solid shampoo has a very high yield, and just a little foam is enough to wash even very long and dirty hair. In the first uses it can happen to exaggerate with the dosesdue to the previous habit with liquid products. After each use, it is strongly recommended to dry the soap completely and store it in its packaging. At protected from humidity the product will keep intact all its characteristics and beneficial properties, it will not be subjected to the aggression of mold and bacteria, and it will also avoid useless waste. Particular attention must be paid to this aspect because the organic solid shampoo does not contain preservatives nor dyes.

If used every day, solid shampoo is worthwhile

It is necessary to get used to a different gesture for some aspects in the beauty ritual but once you get used to the product, it's hard to go back. If used every day, solid shampoo is good for the hair, the scalp and the environment. In addition to washing effectively, the product performs anemollient and soothing action on the scalp. The natural ingredients ensure maximum respect for the balance of the skin.. Many of the manufacturers espouse the philosophy of no wastephilosophy, that is, they are careful to produce zero waste. Even for the packaging they use biodegradable, recyclable or recycled materials. The product is economical and has a very high yield. On average you consume little more than one gram of product per wash.

Solid shampoo, FAQ

The subject arouses curiosity and some questions, especially from those who have not yet tried organic liquid shampoo. The most frequent ones concern the type of use of the product:

  • What is the best brand? Great attention should be paid to the choice of a solid shampoo. This particular category of goods has become very popular, attracting even products that are not always of good quality. We at R5®Living offer a really good range of solid products.

  • How long does a bar of soap last? The answer is simple: as much. The solid shampoo has a high yield, 70 grams of product are equivalent to about 600 ml of shampoo (2 packs of traditional shampoo).
  • Does your hair stay dry?. No: solid shampoo washes well, and in most cases even better than its synthetic counterpart in liquid form.
  • How do I store it? To keep your soap at its best, it's best to let it dry completely after use and then store it away from moisture. You can use our solid shampoo holder made from 100% recycled plastic from our city's recycling collection.

In conclusion, we can say that the solid shampoo is an effective, economical and effective, economical and environmentally the environment. Finally, the use of natural ingredients helps the hair to get less dirty, thus reducing the number of washes needed.

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