R5® Living ❤️ Erbert: nuova apertura a Milano

R5® Living ❤️ Erbert: new opening in Milan

We have already told you about our partnership with Erbert, and today we are particularly happy to be present in the new store in Piazza Quasimodo 2 in Milan. Our Paolo documented the inauguration for us.

Erbert is a chain of special stores that makes healthy eating simple and varied, with taste and seeks tomake our homes more sustainable.
Erbert chooses the best producers, who operate sustainably. This applies to fruit and vegetables, which come from agricultural models such as integrated pest management, precision farming and organic farming, but also to fish products, meat and eggs that are 100% organic and of Italian origin.

Erbert has defined its 5Rs, which in their case are the 5 Rules to be respected at all times:

  1. less than 15% of added sugars and less than 2% of salt
  2. only unrefined flours
  3. exclusively cold-pressed olive and seed oils
  4. less than 15% saturated fat in gastronomy products
  5. less than 25% in confectionery.

Erbert's attention to healthy living can also be seen in the care taken to educate people about healthy eating. On the labels of ready meals there is the Mangia Bene (Eat Well) label: a simple guide that helps to compose a healthy and balanced diet.

Erbert's attention goes beyond healthy eating, it also thinks about well-being in our homes.
You will find us with our entire range of products for Sustainable Beauty

and our line Home (refillable) and Zero Waste Laundry.

We are very happy to be present in Erbert stores and even more happy to be there on this special day when they inaugurated their new store.

Sustainability is important to us. Small daily gestures, we are convinced, can make big revolutions. Erbert is as committed as we are to this every day and actively for the well-being of the planet.

We share the same values and attention to detail.

Thank you to the Erbert team for choosing us and allowing us to share this piece of the road together!

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