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Sustainable Packaging: how, when and why to get involved

The sustainable packaging is not a passing trend, but a new way of understanding even the final stage of production, with a greater respect and attention towards the environment. This applies not only to durable products, but also to food and soft drinks. A step that no type of company can afford to ignore. The green packaging, or also circular packaging, can be traced back to a set of concepts that today are not only related to some legal regulations, but also to an increasing focus of the end consumer to the way the company they choose, operates. The issues environmental are - correctly - increasingly hot and increasingly felt by a significant portion of the population.

Let's try to understand together what the margins of this revolution are and what are the steps to be taken to confirm leadership in this new trend as well.

Why sustainable packaging: some guidelines

Traditional packaging was created to improve the protection and durability of the product, both on the shelf and in our homes. Certainly the introduction of plastic materials has enabled better preservation of products, especially food. Practical, inexpensive, very protective but also very polluting, both during the production phase, and if not properly recycled even in the final phase of the packaging cycle, namely disposal. Plastic, however, remains an important material, especially for food preservation. But today there are viable and equally effective alternatives. Think, for example, of fully biodegradable materials that can play the same role as some plastics, but without having the same impact on the environment. This is the new frontier of technical materials that are already being used by leaders in relevant industries, on a path that looks both to the future of our planet, and well liked by environmentally conscious consumers.

According to the latest statistics, an increasing proportion of the public is also looking at these kinds of aspects before selecting a product at the supermarket. And companies that fall behind on this factor risk leaving customers in the lurch.

Also a matter of branding

Sustainable packaging can be an authentic and effective storytelling element, capable of making one's brand more recognizable, communicating the efforts that have been made in this regard, efforts that can really change the fate of the planet and that are also increasingly appealing to mass audiences. Customers today prefer recyclable (and possibly certified) paper and other types of materials that can be completely recycled after being used.

The best examples of sustainable packaging

Today it is not difficult to find potato chip packaging made of recycled paper, packaging reduced to the bone for certain fashion brands, plastic replaced by bioplastics and mater-bi. The choice regarding recyclable packaging is inherent not only in what, but also in how much. If the packaging is unnecessary or can be reduced in bulk anyway, better to go for it. The absence of something is also an important signal as much to the planet as to customers. Less is more, which is increasingly true as much in design as in the proper storage of products. And with the help of specialists in the field, smart solutions can also be found in terms of form.

The world of sustainable packaging is only in its infancy, but it can already offer very smart solutions.

At R5@Living, we work by following two very clear basic principles:

  1. compact by design: minimize packaging, even to the point of eliminating it where necessary(REDUCE)
  2. recyclable or compostable/biodegradable: to ensure a low-impact end-of-life(RECYCLE | REVIVE)

For example, the small boxes that contain our refills or home kits, as well as the packaging of all our products, are made of FSC®Mix cardboard, 100% recyclable. The FSC Mix label indicates that the wood or paper inside the product is sourced from FSC-certified material, recycled material, and/or controlled wood (no less than 70% certified and/or recycled materials). FSC Certification® allows all of us to truly protect resources by pointing out who is working to protect the environment.

With small everyday gestures, we can make the big revolutions.

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