come combattere le rughe con rimedi naturali

Best natural wrinkle remedies: complete guide

We can really rely on natural remedies to fight wrinkles? Or is chemical synthetic cosmetics the only one of the alternatives that we actually have at our disposal ? This is what we will try to find out in the course of this in-depth study, which will discuss not only what are the classic natural remedies, the remedies of the grandmother to take care of one's wrinkles, but also about a new generation of products that will allow us to prevent-or in the event cure-the appearance of these signs of aging. Signs of aging that we can, this is the anticipation that will make our readers breathe a sigh of relief, effectively counteract the onset of wrinkles. Although we personally think, I think, that the signs of aging tell about us, speak about us. They are part of our life.

However, before looking at natural remedies, it is good to point out what factors can accelerate their appearance: from sun exposure to smoking, through insufficient sleep, exposure to weather, stress, inadequate diet: these are the factors we will have to fight to try to limit the occurrence of wrinkles on the face. Factors that are not always under our control, but knowing them we can still try to limit them in terms of their impact.

Yes, there are natural remedies to combat wrinkles.

There are actually several natural remedies that can help us fight wrinkles. We have, for example, thealoe vera, a super-plant that among the various benefits it offers also has a radical action against wrinkles, since it promotes tissue regeneration. A study from 2009 even indicates improvements even within 90 days from the first application.

In addition to aloe vera, many people also resort to the banana, to be included within homemade masks and to which we can also add other natural ingredients. The egg whites, although on a smaller scale, can still lend a hand and we can complete our beauty products DIY also with different essential oils e natural oils. L'argan is increasingly appreciated by women and men alike, as is thecoconut oil andalmond oil, which can actually help us combat wrinkles that have already occurred as well as those that are in the process of forming. Such oils can also be applied directly to the skin, without being previously placed inside a cream or lotion. Instead, watch out when we use the essential oils: they can be irritating directly in contact with the skin.

Choosing the right products: even when fighting wrinkles

Non-organic and non-natural cosmetic products can be a temptation that is very difficult to resist. They can have affordable prices and promise seas and mountains, deep wrinkle elimination and beauty to be regained in a matter of days. Many of these can also work on the short term, but at the same time increase the factors that then lead to the appearance of future wrinkles. A kind of pact with the devil where the toxic agents that are part of these creams end up accumulating on the skin, creating the conditions for the formation of the much-hated wrinkles.

Let us avoid shortcuts when we are serious about taking care of our wrinkles and at the same time avoid using products about whose composition we have doubts. Today we actually have at our disposal products that can make a difference in this regard, which often include those natural ingredients and active ingredients that we described above and that we can also incorporate into DIY products.

Even at the table we lay the foundation for wrinkle-free skin

We are what we eat is not a tired saying, perhaps invented by those selling certain superfoods. Superfoods exist, and for those who live in Italy there is the good fortune to have them practically available everywhere. We choose those products that are rich in antioxidants, the elements that help fight the free radicals that cause cellular aging and stimulate the skin's natural regeneration. From citrus fruits to fruits, passing also to a (very moderate) consumption of red wine, another product of which our country is a leader. With a proper diet and attention to the use of masks do-it-yourself that are actually rich in good natural ingredients, however, that can naturally take care of wrinkles once they have appeared or even prevent them.

There are so many choices available, which we can also adapt to our specific needs and preferences. Of excuses we have few: we can start right away to take care of our wrinkles.

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With small daily gestures, we can make big revolutions.

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