Guida al lavaggio sostenibile in lavatrice: tutto ciò che c’è da sapere

A guide to sustainable machine washing: everything you need to know

Ecological washing? You can! Here's how.

Lowering your environmental impact is possible, how? Yes, starting from the washing machinefor example. We never stop to think how much water we waste or how many polluting detergents we release into the waters of our seas. By reflecting on the way we set up the washing machine and the choice of products we make we can greatly reduce the pollution produced by this simple activity. Let's find out all the suggestions for an eco washing machine.


We do not realize it in our daily lives, but every day we waste many liters of water. Between now and 2030, it is estimated that water will become an increasingly difficult commodity to find. Institutions and countries at global level must take important steps to reverse this trend, but what can we do in our own small way? We can start by reflecting on our water consumption at home. We know how many liters of water a washing machine consumes how much a wash pollutes? Let's find out and reveal how we can remedy this by improving our way of doing the washing machine.


Today, if our washing machine is in the A+ energy bracket and has an eight-kilo drum, it consumes between 40 and 50 liters of water in each cycle. If we have a washing machine in a lower energy bracket or with a larger drum, we can get up to 60 or 90 liters of water per wash. This is why it is important to set a washing machine with criterion: it is essential to save the environment to consume as little as possible.

Another issue that the climate crisis we are going through imposes on us is the pollution of the seas and oceans. To save biodiversity and marine ecosystems, we can start by making a washing machine as efficient as possible. washing machine more responsible by choosing products with the lowest possible environmental impact in terms of both packaging and detergents.


We have clarified how much water a washing machine consumesbut how much do the products we choose to use for laundry pollute? We often find ourselves using detergents and fabric softeners that not only pollute in themselves but are also contained in bulky plastic containers. What can we do? Choose the right products to make a wash as ecological as possible:

  • we choose the detergent carefully, here we must ask if the packaging is sustainable, what are the raw materials of the product and if it is biodegradable. We choose plastic-free packaging, raw materials of natural origin and products that are as biodegradable as possible;

  • carefully dose the detergent, remembering that concentrated detergents should be used in smaller quantities. R5Living proposes the version of this detergent in sheets plastic-free, biodegradable, vegan friendly, without parabens or phosphates;

  • Let's avoid fabric softener because it is one of the most toxic products we can find in the house, it is not biodegradable and even purifiers struggle to clean the water from the chemicals it releases into the environment. As an alternative we use lcitric acid, which is a natural ecological softener.


    Now let's discover the strategies for setting up the washing machine to lower our environmental impact:

      • we load the drum well, if necessary we mix the colored with whites, there are few items that release color, we identify them and when we prepare the washing machine avoid half-loads;
      • we choose the right time of day, usually in the evening it is more convenient to do the washing machineLet's check our utility bill. If our washing machine If our washing machine allows us to do so, we program the starting time in the best time slot;
      • avoid pre-washing; many washing machines offer a pre-wash with soaking and extra detergent for the dirtiest clothes. Is it really necessary? If the clothes have stains, let's pre-treat them with stain removers and choose an eco wash anyway;
      • do a cold wash and short duration, lowering temperatures and the duration of the washing machine will be good for the environment and save money. By now detergents give us good results even with short washes and at temperatures around 30°, so we can save even 70% of energy;
      • select the eco program, all washing machines now offer an ecological program, check the characteristics and choose that whenever possible.

Now we just have to put into practice everything we have discovered. Let's go and do the washing machine and don't forget any advice!

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