Forno incrostato: come pulirlo in poco tempo

Oven encrusted: how to clean it in a short time

The oven is one of the most most used appliances in the kitchenIt ensures a healthy cooking of food and helps to make delicious dishes even without being good in the kitchen! However, Italians do not seem to be so constant in its cleaning and this is why the oven often forms stains and incrustations. stains and incrustationsas well as on the glass of the oven. How to clean this household appliance effectively? And how is it possible to guarantee hygiene and healthy dishes? Let's learn how to how to deglaze the oven in the right wayeffortlessly and with the right products!

How to clean the oven in a short time?
We are often reluctant to engage in deep cleaning of the ovenfor fear of using the wrong cleaning products or damaging the food with chemical ingredients. Let's be clear: there are natural solutions very effective that can be used safely and quickly! In addition to being economical, these methods are environmentally friendly and do not harm the oven or our health. Before using them though, here's what should never be missing for a quick and effective oven cleaning:

  • Free OvenRemove everything that is removable and soak the plates in a little hot water, a little ecological dishwashing detergent and a glass of alcohol or apple vinegar.
  • Damp ragwipe the internal resistances, valves and glass.
  • Aluminum foilto protect the internal parts from cleaning
  • Sisal brush; helps not to struggle when the oven is encrusted

Encrusted oven: tips for sanitizing it
The first rule to combat stubborn dirt in the oven would be a constant cleaning, even in a superficial way, so as not to accumulate grease and unpleasant odors. However, when this household chore has not been practiced for quite some time, it is necessary to move on to cleaning through the 3 natural ingredients for cleaning the oven encrusted:

  • Lemon
  • Vinegar
  • Bicarbonate or Sodium Carbonate

  • Home remedies for the effective cleaning of the encrusted oven abound, but we particularly recommend these methods:

    Lemon for degrease and perfumeLemon to degrease and perfume, to be preferred when the problem of the oven is related to bad odors and old incrustations. Take 2/3 ripe lemons and squeeze the juice inside the oven.

    Then bake the peels in a casserole dish and fill with water and lemon. Turn the oven on to 180° for half an hour and let it cool. Finish by wiping with a dampened sponge.

    Vinegar to disinfect and clean thoroughly. Just a pot of water brought to a boil and a glass of vinegar. When the solution boils, place the pot in the oven pre-ignited at 100 degrees for 15 minutes. Let it cool and finish cleaning with a sponge always based on these two elements.

    Bicarbonate for encrustations and molds. Baking soda is ideal for sanitizing both walls and glass: its effect is enhanced by the coarse saltto be added in warm water together with the bicarbonate. Mix the mixture until it becomes dense and proceed to clean with a sponge. With this method, the setting time is longer; a few hours, or even an entire night. Complete by wiping with a sponge or spatula.

    Sodium Carbonate is an environmentally friendly multipurpose degreaser. Perfect as a surface descaler for hard-to-treat stains. Excellent for hygienizing, sanitizing and neutralizing laundry odors. Apply the powder directly to the surface and allow it to act. Wait 10 minutes and then rinse thoroughly, preferably with warm or hot water. Rub in as required.

    Oven glass: how to clean it effortlessly
    How to clean encrusted oven glass? The best strategy to thoroughly sanitize the oven glass with little effort is to disassemble it and clean it with a natural degreasere, or alternatively use dishwashing detergent diluted in water.
    Among the natural home remedies we mention once again the baking soda: spread the batter on the glass and let it act for about 15-20 minutes. Remove stains with a sponge or steel wool and rinse / dry with a cellulose sponge cloththe glass will be ready for mirroring! How much baking soda to use for glass cleaning? It depends on the size, but you can try starting with 4 tablespoons.

    To keep your oven as clean as possible always wipe it down with a slightly damp sponge cloth at the end of each use.

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