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Natural cosmetics: what are the benefits?

Everyone is talking about natural cosmetics, following a now very common trend in the personal care industry that also involves brands unsuspected. But are we sure we know this field as well as we should? What are the main benefits of this new way of creating cosmetics? Is it really worth choosing natural cosmetics for the care of our beauty and health? A radical choice as much for our health, skin and body as for the environment and sometimes even for animals.

Before delving into the specifics of this area, we must already introduce what will be one of the main themes of this in-depth study of ours: natural cosmetics are better, today they are also affordable for everyone and there is no kind of reason to choose the old way of making cosmetics, the one that did not pay attention to the actual impact of the ingredients, but only to a supposed functionality. Today things have finally changed and we can select products that are both effective, sustainable and natural. All to the benefit of our skin and our health.

What does natural cosmetics mean?

It is difficult to give an unambiguous definition of this category, since as with the green washing, there are many unscrupulous companies that try to exploit this new strand to present themselves and their products for what they are not. In fact, talking about natural cosmetics means first and foremost to talk about products that must include only products that are natural and not chemically synthesized. That is, making use of those active ingredients that perhaps already occur in our bodies or are otherwise available in nature. The main idea would be to use active ingredients that are biocompatible and that do not look for shortcuts that can later result in harm to the skin or our health.

Then there are also environmental issues that should not be ignored in any way, as classic, non-natural cosmetics can have important implications for the environment as well. In fact, natural cosmetics are more easily compostable. Again to talk about natural cosmetics, these are also generally cruelty free and thus are also more attentive to the sensitivities and the right to health and peace of our animal friends. But the benefits of this choice are actually countless, making this category of cosmetics far superior to the classic one.

The main benefits: from skin health to contaminations

When we talk about natural cosmetics, as much as this definition has also been exploited by brands and products that are not natural, we still have to start from a common base, at least to agree on those that are actually have natural active ingredients within them, which are at least 95 percent natural. This also pertains to both the active ingredients and the preservatives that are used within the cosmetic product. The first of the benefits is for the skin: in the absence of silicones, petrolatum and other such ingredients, the pores of the skin will not be clogged and therefore can breathe better. Even just this small difference can really make a difference for those who use them. The presence of certifications (there are several today) is an additional reason to trust the manufacturer and the product as such. The second of the advantages relates to allergies: in most cases those who suffer from them while using classic products suffer from them because of non-natural ingredients and preservatives. By switching to natural cosmetics, many of these problems can actually be overcome.

A-toxic, safe for all, more environmentally friendly: why not deprive yourself of them

Today, natural cosmetics are no longer niche, but in the availability of everyone, at prices that are more affordable and very close to those of classic, non-natural products. They do not have toxicity and sometimes help the body get rid of what has accumulated over years of poor product choices. At the same time they offer the best results, are not tested on animals, and are compostable. A combination of features and benefits that should be enough for anyone to make the right choice in this area. A right choice that today we also have available close to our home or just a click away. Those who really want to get their fill of health and natural beauty really have no more excuses.

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